The End War has Begun! StarCraft Supplement 5 now available!

StarCraft Supplement 5: The End War, is now available! This massive resource contains a wealth of new information, statistics, and options for players and GMs of the StarCraft roleplaying game. During the End War, Amon, the fallen Xel'Naga, sought to extinguish all life from the universe. He used legions of enslaved minions and his dreaded hybrid to destroy worlds and purge the galaxy of all life. Only the union of all three factions working together were able to save the universe. This massive supplement contains the following sections: -The expanded timeline catches the RPG up from where the timeline left off in the Core Rulebook, from the beginning of the Second Great War until the final

StarCraft Update 8/23/2019

A big series of updates were pushed out today to go alongside Supplement 5! Check it out! Resources The Advanced Race Guide and Game Master's Screen are no longer available. They are both out of date and no longer necessary. Protoss *Major* Protoss players and enemies are now high threat entities. This means player protoss count as two characters for splitting experience. Therefore, a party of 2 terrans and 2 protoss would split experience 6 ways. In the meantime, fighting 3 zealots in an encounter would be worth 6 encounter points instead of 3. Protoss are quite powerful, between their shields and their psionics, should not be the same threat level as other races. *Major* Almost every proto

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