StarCraft Update 12/10/2019

We have the end of the year StarCraft update today to go with StarCraft Heroes Guide! This is a smaller update that has some big changes to go with it. *Major* Added a new range increment past remote: strategic. Strategic weapons can be used without penalty at up to 1,000 squares. They suffer a -5 penalty for shooting beyond 1,000 squares, plus an additional -5 penalty for every further 1,000 extra squares they are fired. At starship scale, strategic weapons can be used at up to 6 squares. As part of this change, a huge number of vehicle and creature weapons now have updated range. -Autocannons: Remote Gatling Cannons: Distant -All Terran Missile Batteries: Strategic -Thor Punisher Cannon:

StarCraft Heroes Guide now Available!

The StarCraft Heroes Guide is now available to everyone! This is the compendium of all the StarCraft patreon content from November 2018 to October 2019. This is a valuable resource for people wanting to flesh out their characters, look for new customization options, and find new ways to explore the StarCraft setting. StarCraft Heroes Guide includes: -Backstory generators for all races -New talents for terran, protoss, and primal zerg -New terran specializations -New primal zerg archetypes -Rules for helping run military campaigns, including tactical call-downs and building small bases -The new technomancy psionic discipline -The Vehicle customization rules -Rules for criminal lifestyles and

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