Halo: Forerunner's Legacy, now Available!

The first expansion for the Halo RPG is now available! This is an exciting addition to the Halo RPG that adds numerous new enemy factions for your players to face, as well as exotic worlds and locations for you to visit. Forerunner’s Legacy focuses on modern day enemy factions that are related to the Forerunners that once ruled the universe. This resource includes: -Rules for creating your own creatures in the Halo RPG, as well as rules for creating swarms of different sizes. -Face the terrifying Flood, the parasitic scourge of the universe. Learn their history, the process in which they claim worlds, and encounter a huge variety of Flood organisms for every character level. -Explore the mys

Halo Update 2/25/2020

It’s been a long time since we’ve done a Halo update, and a lot of balance tweaks have come up since then. All of this is coming alongside the release of Forerunner’s Legacy. Rules Critical Hit If you roll a natural 20 on an attack roll, you ignore the target’s damage resistance and shield armor for that attack. This rule is in place for two reasons: it will help low level NPCs remain a threat to higher level players, and it will help PCs fighting against armored opponents by allowing them to get lucky strikes against vulnerable components. This rule only applies against the primary target of an attack. There is currently no plan to implement this rule into StarCraft. Morale Changes You cann

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