Progress Update: StarCraft Advanced Terran Training Manual

This weekend, just completed the Constructs chapter of Supplement 2: Advanced Terran Training Manual. This contains a lot of new vehicles, including diamondbacks, valkyries, liberators, cyclones, and warhounds. The second part of the chapter is dedicated to new robots, including A.R.E.S warbots, MKII missile turrets, ravens, and fire suppression drones. Also in this section is robots that have premade varieties, so you can instantly use one statistic block for various different NPCS. Included in this is the Sentry Turret that can alternatetly be a Rocket or Railgun Turret, or the combat support drone that makes one of three variations: the Point Defense Drone, Sonar Drone, or Bio-Mechanical Drone.

Now that this is finished, next priority is to work on finishing the optional game rules section. This section contains various content for supplementing your game, including item crafting, space combat, and new vehicle rules. The next big section to finish on that is the rules for customizing a personalized starship for your players, an idea I got from our community on discord. Thanks for the idea, guys.

Afterwards, the resource will be finished with a truly massive number of premade terran NPCs. Somewhere in the ballpark of 50+; there should be something for just about every situation, cutting down on the work you all need to do for your sessions. Included in that is premade statistics for piloted vehicles, counting all the combat vehicles from both the Core Rulebook and this resource.

This is going to be a HUGE resource, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone. Talk to you all soon!

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