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StarCraft Paragons of the Galaxy now Available!

Today we also have the release of the first edition of Paragons of the Galaxy! This game resource will give rules for playing characters beyond 30th level, and for epic Apex creatures beyond 30th level. More importantly, this supplement will contain major heroes of the StarCraft setting for you to introduce in your games of StarCraft. Every lore character will have a statistics block, backstory, tactics entry, and a section about how to include them in your games of StarCraft.

Characters included are:

-James Raynor, and rules for his customized vulture bike

-Tychus Findlay, and rules for the Odin

-Sarah Kerrigan as the Primal Queen of Blades

-Hierarch Artanis, and rules for his elite Praetor’s Scout

More characters will be periodically added over time, and sizable batches of characters will be introduced every December after the bonus content is released.

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