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Diablo Update 2022 Now Live!

Finally, we have this year’s expansion of Diablo RPG content. This year, we add two new chapters to the Diablo Core Rulebook: the Job system, and the Equipment chapter. This is adding up to be a massive core rulebook for Diablo, as we are still missing the magic item section, encounter rules, encounter design, and game master rules (and bestiaries, of course!). You can reach the new version at:

There has been very few changes to the existing chapters of the Diablo RPG, except the reworking of starting gear based on archetypes. However, there has been substantial reworks to the new sections since their original appearance as patreon content.

In a perfect world, the Diablo RPG would be playable by the time Diablo 4 releases, but I don’t see that realistically happening. But I am currently committed to continuing to support the Diablo RPG.

Thank you, everyone!

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