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Grab Your Rifles! Halo Revision Now Live!

At long last it is here! The revised edition of Leovaunt’s Halo Roleplaying Game is here! After 2 1/2 years of waiting for this much requested update, it arrives today on Patreon and Discord. There are too many changes to mention, but we have supplied an in-depth update log of what we have worked on. In addition to the rules revision, line by line, the updates of these rule books is (combined) over 130 pages longer than before!

This update covers:

The Halo Core Rule book

UNSC Handbook

Covenant Handbook

Because I prefer to be transparent, I want to make a few details clear. I am a solo developer. I don’t have a team of editors, writers, artists, and designers. Thus, a few things need to be clear.

1. There will be typos, editing, and formatting mistakes. We will fix them as we go on. Please consider joining our Discord where edits can be posted and constructive criticism and valuable feedback (issues accompanied by a proposed solution OR valid questions) may be seen and considered if helpful. Make sure to post how you think it could be improved.

2. VERY little of this has been play tested. There will be balance problems, especially with such a dramatic revision. We would appreciate the help and feedback of the community on how to keep fine tuning things, but more solidly focused about massive problems.

Also included in this update is a brand new version of the Halo Recordsheet and Combat Rules Reference.

Afterwards, our near-future plan includes a revision of the Forerunner’s Legacy handbook. In our more long-term plans, the Advanced Warfare mini-supplement will not only be revised but become the foundation for Halo Supplement 2. This huge supplement will include the following, just as a start:

-A chapter just dedicated to Spartans and their options, including different Spartan generations, variants of Mjolnir armor, armor Ais, Spartan playstyles and special rules, and turning other human characters into Spartan 4s.

-The prophet species package.

-In-depth faction and character creation guides for human insurrectionists, the Banished, unaffiliated characters, and possibly more.

-New talents, specialization themes, equipment, equipment mods, and weapon variants.

-A truly huge number of new vehicles for all factions.

-Expanded NPC selections, inspired by Halo Wars, Halo Infinite, and other Halo fiction.

For now, however, future Halo projects are going to be put on the back burner. In the last 2 years, I have done three massive projects: Fire and Fury, Doom Eternal RPG, and Halo revision. I’m taking time off from the first-generation LD20 projects to work on what I truly want to work on, which is our next generation fantasy projects, Stellar Realms and Fiends and Fortress, and get those ready for play testing. We will also be continuing work on the Diablo series of bonus Patreon contents later this month. Overall, the next three projects that will be done:

-Fiends and Fortresses will be ready for play testing.

-Halo: Forerunner’s Legacy Edits

-The StarCraft RPG Campaign Series, Part 1

I hope you all chose to support me, or continue to support me, on the Patreon so I can keep making you games. If we lose support on the Patreon, I will no longer be able to justify working on free game-conversion projects, and I will have to solely dedicate myself to future commercial projects and original fiction. If you can’t support me financially, Leovaunt Game Design has always survived on the positivity, hype, and interest of the community, and you can contribute to this by encouraging others to embrace the game, starting groups, and sharing your campaign stories and character concepts on the discord

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