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Halo Update Preview Now Available!

A few months ago, we released the Halo Requisition System for showing off the new way to requisition gear in the Halo RPG. Now, we are expanding it with plenty of new content and previews for the new version of the game. -Revised command powers, artillery strikes, and call-down rules

-Revised Leader and Tactical Coordinator specialization themes

-New Fireteam Leader specialization theme

-New Human background: ODST

-Revised UNSC Race: Spartan

-New talent: Armor Mastery I-III

-Weapon balance changes

-The first draft of the new armor and weapon mod system for both UNSC and Covenant characters, working with the new requisition system

-New science devices for every tier

You can find this resource on the public discord or on the button next to the Halo Core Rulebook, next to where the previous requisition document was.

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