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Leovaunt's Doom Roleplaying Game Expansion Now Available!

The massive expansion of the Doom Roleplaying Game is now available! Including content from the Ancient Gods expansion and more features to round out the game, this is a massive overhaul and expansion to game system that was born of your hype! It is so large that it has been broken into two books: a rulebook, and a bestiary.

This is a massive expansion for a preexisting book, almost a new edition. Hence, it is virtually impossible to list all the changes. We will try to list the balance changes we have made, but a lot of details will need to be done over again. Meanwhile, there are a ton of new features to cover for your games.

-New Specialization Themes

-New Background option category: careers

-More information about character creation carried over from the StarCraft rulebook, making it easier to create more characters.

-The game now has its own dedicated talents section, instead of using some of its own talents and other StarCraft talents

-A few new weapons and mods, and plenty of balance changes.

-Revised crafting and scrap system, that now includes multiple levels of scrap parts to work with

-Rules for cybernetic, for when a pinky demon eats your leg off!

-Additional balance tweaks for night sentinels, and rules for other character using night sentinel weapons.

-A brand new advanced research system! Spend downtime performing research in a lab, to gain research points that you can use to make new inventions. Collect research items to further your researches and gain new research points. Different researches you can do include special upgrades for weapons, armor, and mods. You can also research new medicine and chemicals, new tools, and structures to build in your base to help you survive, like ammo factories and water extractors.

-Enhanced game world rules, including special DOOM RPG conditions, hell rules, short rests, and random loot tables.

-More arcane objects, including the Unmakyr and the Hellbreaker Hammer.

-Vehicle rules, and vehicles belong to the human, immoran, and night sentinel factions.

Meanwhile, the game possesses a new second book, that is a dedicated bestiary. Almost two and a half times the length of the bestiary that came with the old core rulebook, this is a huge expansion. Virtually every statistic and rule in the book has been overhauled, so there is no change list. It should be considered all new or entirely redone content.

The new bestiary is broken into 7 chapters.

-Chapter 1 details all the new rules for creature creation, natural weapons, armor, creature templates, and revised swarm rules.

-Chapter 2 is dedicated to zombies, and includes new zombies such as Hell Riot Trooper, Screecher, and Revenant Fiend. Many lower threat zombies have new rules for when they are used in swarms, and many premade example swarms.

-Chapter 3 is dedicated to demons, and includes new demons from the Doom Eternal: Ancient Gods expansion, such as the armored baron, cursed prowler, and stone imp. There is a separate section for Doom 3 exclusive demons, known as primordial demons. Demons also have their own swarm traits and dozens of premade demon swarms are included.

-Chapter 4 is dedicated to demon variants, or different level variants of existing demons. This replaces the Elder and Lesser Demon templates from the first version. Included are dozens of examples of level variant demons, with special abilities that differentiate themselves from the base creature. This will provide a huge variety of monsters to fight at all levels!

-Chapter 5 includes non-Hell foes, and includes makyr angels, robots, and Argent D’nur Dragons!

-Meanwhile, Chapter 6 contains non-player characters, so you have statistics for other survivors to rescue, cultists to fight, and soldiers to fight alongside!

-Chapter 7, the final chapter, contains rules for some legendary NPCs based on the boss fights and lore of the games. Fight the demon gladiator or spider mastermind, take advice from Samuel Hayden, or survive the rampage of the Icon of Sin! This section also includes rules for the Doom Slayer, one of the most absurd statistics blocks we have ever made!

Weapon and Armor Changes

*Important* The Chainsaw has been completely overhauled. There is now a new Chainsaw trait that gives twice the damage from attack overages, but the chainsaw cannot benefit from bonus damage from strength, heavy strike, or power strike. However, if you get 5 overages with a chainsaw, you get a chance for additional attacks at -5 penalty, which increase the hailfire of the base attack by 1. The chainsaw also has reduced accuracy and power rating. However, there is a trio of new talents to synergize with the chainsaw: Chainsaw Execution, Chainsaw Precision I-III, Chain Scrapper.

-The Paingiver Rocket Launcher now has a power rating of +5 instead of +10, to match the rocket launcher.

-A new weapon trait, High Explosive, gives +1 hailfire against swarms for every 3 attack overages. This trait has been applied to the grenade launcher, flamethrower, sentinel grenade launcher, sentinel flamethrower, and both rocket launchers.

Reassurance talent cannot be used to give yourself a morale

-Specifies that explosive charge and cluster bomb are a planted explosives

-Alcohol now only stacks penalties, not bonuses

-The heat blast plasma gun mod gained +4 accuracy

-The Micro-Missile rifle mod gained +3 accuracy and +6 damage

-The Microwave Beam has been completely reworked, having its own profile now

-The BFG-9000 gained +7 accuracy and deals hailfire regardless of hits or misses, and even on special target attacks. It also gained the Plasma trait

-Added heavy protection item trait, that gives heavy armor +3 damage threshold and super heavy armor +6 damage threshold

-For arcane objects, the Crucible has been rebalanced to scale differently than the hellbreaker hammer

Talent Changes

*Major* The Core Rulebook now has its own talent section, rather than just using StarCraft talents. However, most of the talents are from the StarCraft RPG. Not all StarCraft talents made it to Doom, however, so check your record sheet to ensure your talents are now official Doom talents.

-The new Chainsaw Execution talent causes bonus damage and rending if the attack hits the location you guessed it would before the attack.

-The new Chainsaw Precision talent gives bonus accuracy and penetration with the chainsaw per rank.

-The new Chainsaw Scrapper talent causes killing blows with chainsaws versus mechanical foes to generate a host of scrap parts.

-The glory kill talent’s second and third ranks have changed. Rank 2 now gives +20 to the glory kill check, but only against hit points (not defense). Rank 3 increases this to +50 to the glory kill check versus hit points and doubles the bonus to the check from being prone, staggered, or stunned. All ranks of glory kill have reduced strength and melee requirements.

Sentinel Changes

-Onslaught no longer gives a bonus to melee accuracy with the bonus attack

Curiass Upgrade 3, Relic: Relic armor means attacks cannot gain more than 20 penetration against you, piercing attacks deal half damage instead

Gauntlet Upgrade 1: Brawling Knuckles decreases to +2 damage, +2 penetration, +1 accuracy; Empowered Servos decreased to +2 penetration

Gauntlet Upgrade 2/ Greaves Upgrade 2: Reduce stat boosts to +1 strength/ agility

Gauntlet Upgrade 3, Blood Punch: Now causes bleeding and lets you chose what wound location you target

Greaves Upgrade 1: Boost, Now gives +1 shift speed

Greaves Upgrade 2: Coordinated Movements: +10 to athletics and acrobatics, down from 20

Greaves Upgrade 3: Trample Specifies it only occurs on a move, action move or charge, +10 damage

Helmet Upgrade 1: Infravision reduced to seeing in dark 15 squares, spotter actions within 15 squares

Helmet Upgrade 2: Vital Sight now gives 2 rending instead of 4

Helmet Upgrade 3: Spectral Sight uses a sustainable energy to fuel its ability to see through walls

Weapon Upgrades (ALL): Upgrade 1 benefit change from 6 pen to 3 pen; Upgrade 2 benefit changed to just +1 accuracy; Upgrade 4 benefit changed to just +1 power rating. For upgrade 4, Makyr weapons now have the Plasma trait. Argent Energy weapons only give +1 rending.

Sentinel Dagger: reduced to 12 base damage and rending 2

Dagger Upgrade 2: Soul Seeker changed to 2 accuracy and rending

Dagger Upgrade 3: Perfect Balance, +5 accuracy per strike instead of +4

Ballista accuracy is now +4, and now only gains damage from upgrade 2 and 3. Ballista mods have been overhauled completely. Second upgrade now choses between +5 accuracy or +5 penetration and unstoppable, instead of previous bonuses.

Equipment launcher now gains +1 power rating of damage per 5 levels of the night sentinel

Sentinel Shield: At upgrade 1, it now gives 40 shield points.

-Upgrade 2 now gives +40 shield points instead of +1 defense, and requires level 10. The Fortress Shield upgrade now gives +1 defense.

-Upgrade 3 now gives +40 shield points instead of +1 defense, and requires level 15.

Science Device Changes

Basic Science Device: Argent Ray now has 3x intelligence penetration, instead of x4

Advanced Science Device: Anti-Gravity Mine now effects a Burst (2, +1 per 5 intelligence) area, being much smaller.

Master Science Device: Burst Shield Projector now gives 15x intelligence shields and 2x intelligence shield armor, and lasts 3 rounds per point of intelligence

Master Science Device: Neutralizing Charge now gives Slowed and Tormented to cybernetic demons.

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