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New Stellar Realm's Founder Patreon Reward Level!

I want to announce some changes to the patreon that we are enacting! While we are continuing to remake your favorite video games as tabletop role-playing games, we are also pushing heavily to work on and create the awesome Stellar Realm's Roleplaying Game.

For this reason, to grow interest and support for the setting, we have reworked our patreon to have a new Stellar Realm's Founder backer level, replacing the previous benefits for the 20$ level. Being a Stellar Realm's Founder means monthly doses of lore and content coming from the unique Stellar Realm's setting.

At this backer level, you will gain two benefits:

-Access to a new restricted channel on the private discord where current, up to date, rules documents and sample material will be posted. This will allow you to give feedback to shape the game as everything is in progress.

-A new monthly newsletter on the Stellar Realms, giving you a large amount of lore about the setting every month, and possibly how the lore will work with game play ideas.

We have the desire to eventually put the Stellar Realm's RPG up as a kickstarter project, employing the services of community artists and graphic designers to make the highest quality rulebooks we can manage for publication. We have a lot of rules work to do until then, and a lot of play test. We can use your help in the meantime, to support us while we write these rules and give your feedback however possible.

If you are interested in becoming a Stellar Realm's founder, please check at our patreon at If you haven't heard or need a reminder what the setting is about, check out this section, or read more on the Stellar Realm's section of the website!

What is the Stellar Realms? In a word, the Stellar Realms is the universe; it is the reality that all life takes part in. It is the stars, the worlds, and the darkness of space. But it is no mere location, for the Realms itself is a living, thinking thing, a person as much as place; a god to whom all other gods owe their allegiance and existence.

Ever expanding and already consistent of countless galaxies, the Stellar Realms is not without turmoil. Things that cannot and should not exist, the Demons, threaten the balance the Stellar Realms has spent eons trying to create. All-powerful, greedy, and power-hungry Dragons conquer entire galaxies, bathing in the riches granted them by subjugated masses. The Deities of the Realms have become as corrupt and petty as the mortals they intend to guide and have become hated or forgotten by their worshipers. Angels, the caretakers of the Stellar Realms, look on with ambivalence as entire worlds wither and die. And worst of all, the Bleak, the inky darkness that exists as a cancer on the Realms, consumes everything it touches, as it stretches closer and closer to the Heart of the Realms.

Yet for all these trials, the mortal races continue, with individuals and nations trying to carve out their own homes in a universe ruled by superior, darker powers. For every exceptional individual that holds onto the principals and integrity, another falls to greed and corruption. Even the purest individuals have a dark side, often hidden deep within their cores. The gods can no longer be trusted to offer guidance, for they fall to decadence and depravity just as easily as men. Even the life essence of the universe, Belcarnium, the energy that makes existence possible in the Stellar Realms, is a greedy and consumptive thing. It latches onto the next warm body after its living shell dies, and with this passing it transfers the powers of the fallen to its new host.

But not all is dark and lost. Mortals experience compassion, love, joy, and prosperity in the shadow of all the things the haunt them. They live, continue, and go on no matter what the Realms throws at them. They persevere and continue. Hope is alive, for even with the darkest nights, comes a bright sunrise.

You are one of the citizens of the Stellar Realms. Not content with praying the horrors of the universe don’t come for you, you have taken a hold of your own destiny. Lifting your sword or rifle, you bravely take the fight to the horrors that lurk between the stars. Your motivation is your own. Do you seek wealth? Power? Excitement? Fame? Vengeance? Or are you a true force of righteousness in the cosmos? Your reasons are your own and the threats you face infinite. You may die a lonely death, or you might ascend to divinity by consuming the life force of your foes. But no matter how powerful you become, there will always be greater threats waiting for you.

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