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StarCraft Supplement 6: Fire and Fury is Now Available!

At long last, the largest and final supplement for the StarCraft RPG is now available to everyone! This supplement has taken a year to finish, and has ended up being the largest single rules resource we have produced! You can find it on the StarCraft page, underneath Supplement 5: The End War.

Lets just take a brief look at all the content that is coming with this massive book!

-New specializations, classes, archetypes, and directives, designed to give high level options for players of all races

-New talents with significant requirement that change the game for high level characters

-The brand new Broodmother race, as unlocked by our community on patreon!

-Rules of introducing the legendary capital ships of StarCraft into your games

-Updated starship combat rules, and the introduction of mass combat into your games

-Rules for having your battles take place in epic war zones even at character scale

-Performing epic feats to show off extreme skill by quickly eliminating a foe

-New gear in the form of experimental terran items and ancestral protoss items

-Variant swarm sizes

-New ways to interact with the level up system in StarCraft, such as variant experience systems, unlocked achievements, and promotions

-Hosts of new level 20+ epic terrans and protoss, included pre-done statistics for all of the capital ships and higher level variations of common vehicles.

-Some of the most deadly Zerg monsters in the galaxy, including the leviathan, the brutalisk, the enslaver infestor, and the primal behemoth.

Thank you all so much for your support and I hope you enjoy this resource! We have even greater things coming in the future for Leovaunt Game Design, and I can't wait to share what's coming next!

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