Protoss Race Update 12/15/2017

December 15, 2017

Another race specific update, this time for Protoss. This one is regarding protoss gaining skill focuses upon the completion of each class that was mentioned amongst many different channels.


-Whenever a protoss character completes a class, elite class, or renown class, they get a choice of skill focuses that vary based on that classes list. The skill focus either gives them +2 maximum ranks with that skill, or +1 maximum skill ranks if they already have a focus in that skills. The list of skill focuses for each class is based solely on class, not what race is taking the class


-Every protoss race/tribe has a specialized skill that they can gain focus in whenever they complete a class. In other words, when earning a class completion skill focus, the character can always chose to gain a skill focus in their racial skill instead. Aiur protoss gain Mental Training, Nerazim gain Stealth, Tal’darim gain Endurance, and Purifiers gain Science.


-All NPC entries in the Supplement 3, the Advanced Race Guide, and the Dominion Intel Briefing has been updated for these changes.


-The Nerazim Psychic Warrior’s (centurion) Dark Coil ability no longer gives a free Mind Blast. Instead, it staggers a foe upon surpassing their resolve with a charge attack.


-The particle beam weapon of the probe now effects a Line (1) area.


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