Fallout Bestiary IV now avalible!

April 19, 2018



At long last, the next Fallout Resource is here! Introducing, Fallout Bestiary IV: Lost Era of Technology! This resource focuses on high tech innovations such as robots, synths, and experimental weapons! This resource includes:


-Rules for specialized weapons, such as the railway launcher, anti-material rifle, telsa cannon, and alien blaster pistol


-Over 20 different robotic creatures for your games of Fallout, from assaultrons to think tanks, eyebots to sentry bots.


-Statistics and special abilities for a wide variety of scientists, institute personnel, and synths.


-3 new creature templates for customizing your enemies: Prototype, Scrapper, and Cyborg


Sorry about the delay with this release! I hope you get to enjoy it and see that it was worth the wait. With it completed, there is only 1 bestiary left to do, Sins of Man. This resource will focus on the Brotherhood of Steel, Enclave, and Aberrations. The mighty deathclaw will finally make an appearance!

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