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Creator and Writer: Matthew "Leovaunt" Skuda

"Greetings, gamers! My name is Matt, also known as Leovaunt. I am a writer and game designer who loves the narrative; stories of greatness, heroism, and villainy. Of course, what better way to invest yourself in such tales of grandeur, than gaming?"

I have dedicated my time over the past few years to developing tabletop role playing games dedicated to existing intellectual properties, namely those of video games. Currently, in development are the StarCraft, DOOM, Halo, and Stellar Realms games. All of the games are in a revised version of the d20 rule set of my own creation, that takes heavy inspiration from systems you might be familiar with. All of the game conversions are available for free on our website, while the Stellar Realms will be a future commercial release. Just click on the relevant page, and the current list of all role playing documents for that game system should be available for you!

If you’re like me, you’ve spent much of your time invested in digital universes beyond count, invested in every careful action or plot by the character before you. Or perhaps you have woven tales around a card table surrounded by books, friends, and record sheets, while the fictional avatar you lovingly created has their life hanging by the edge of a rattling dice ominously teetering closer and closer to the table’s edge?

Long have I increasingly wanted to combine the two into a singular dimension. Video games craft rich worlds with their artwork and storytelling prose, and often gives a craving to live directly within that dimension. You want to have unrestrained access, free from the parameters of a digital simulation. You want to talk to who you want. You want to do whatever you want. You want to interact with the story at a scale and depth you never could before; effect the universe you battled over in a digital battlefield in more personal ways. THEIR setting, but YOUR story.

That’s why I am doing this. To bring alive amazing settings built by brilliant creative minds, and pump a little extra life in them to be suited for tabletop game play.

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