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The Stellar Realms Roleplaying Game

                What is the Stellar Realms? In a word, the Stellar Realms is the universe; it is the reality that all life takes part in. It is the stars, the worlds, and the darkness of space. But it is no mere location, for the Realms itself is a living, thinking thing, a person as much as place; a god to whom all other gods owe their allegiance and existence.

                Ever expanding and already consistent of countless galaxies, the Stellar Realms is not without turmoil. Things that cannot and should not exist, the Demons, threaten the balance the Stellar Realms has spent eons trying to create. All-powerful, greedy, and power-hungry Dragons conquer entire galaxies, bathing in the riches granted them by subjugated masses. The Deities of the Realms have become as corrupt and petty as the mortals they intend to guide and have become hated or forgotten by their worshippers. Angels, the caretakers of the Stellar Realms, look on with ambivalence as entire worlds wither and die. And worst of all, the Bleak, the inky darkness that exists as a cancer on the Realms, consumes everything it touches, as it stretches closer and closer to the Heart of the Realms.

                Yet for all these trials, the mortal races continue, with individuals and nations trying to carve out their own homes in a universe ruled by superior, darker powers. For every exceptional individual that holds onto the principals and integrity, another falls to greed and corruption. Even the purest individuals have a dark side, often hidden deep within their cores. The gods can no longer be trusted to offer guidance, for they fall to decadence and depravity just as easily as men. Even the life essence of the universe, Belcarnium, the energy that makes existence possible in the Stellar Realms, is a greedy and consumptive thing. It latches onto the next warm body after its living shell dies, and with this passing it transfers the powers of the fallen to its new host.

                But not all is dark and lost. Mortals experience compassion, love, joy, and prosperity in the shadow of all the things the haunt them. They live, continue, and go on no matter what the Realms throws at them. They persevere and continue.  Hope is alive, for even with the darkest nights, comes a bright sunrise.

                You are one of the citizens of the Stellar Realms. Not content with praying the horrors of the universe will not come for you, you have taken a hold of your own destiny. Lifting your sword or rifle, you bravely take the fight to the horrors that lurk between the stars. Your motivation is your own. Do you seek wealth? Power? Excitement? Fame? Vengeance? Or are you a true force of righteousness in the cosmos? Your reasons are your own and the threats you face infinite. You may die a lonely death, or you might ascend to divinity by consuming the life force of your foes. But no matter how powerful you become, there will always be greater threats waiting for you. 

Venture into the Stellar Realms

                 The Stellar Realms Roleplaying Game will involve you creating a character, an individual within the Realms. This character will join with other player characters to go on a series of adventures within the Stellar Realms.

                You have great sources of customization for your character. One of the first decisions is your ancestry. This will provide your core statistics and abilities. There will be over a dozen ancestries available at the initial release, falling under three categories.

               Hunal ancestries value intellect, ambition, and beauty. They include humans, elves, fey, and the menacing twillary. They are amongst the most prevalent peoples in the realms, known for building massive stellar empires and seeking control of the stars.

               Buskor ancestries include a series of linked species that contain both animal and humanoid features. They include the mammalian Rark, the reptilian Corez, and the avian Auril. All Buskor are linked with a common language and bloodline, and their simple nature yields great resistance to corruption.

                 Finally, Sagon ancestries are a varied group of more monstrous seeming species. They prize prowess, size, and personal greatness above all else. They include the sea dwelling Bilurb, the death worshipping Dumontar, the brutal Haborc, and the tinkering Guldug amongst others.

                 In addition to picking your ancestry, you must decide what type of world you come from. Specifically, what technology level you benefit from. The Stellar Realms is a setting where worlds are destroyed and reseeded with life many times over again. You may come from an older civilization that has developed advanced technology and roams the stars, or a more recently reseeded world that is still fighting with spears and swords. All technology levels have advantages and disadvantages, as they allow access to different skill and weapon proficiencies.

                Finally, you will choose a class that represents your starting career style. This class will be your career path over the next five levels, giving you abilities and advancements every level.

                 These are just the major decisions you will make. You will also make choices such as your appearance, motivation, special skills, and non-combat professions you begin game with.

Grow in Power

                Your character growth will be measured in two fashions. The first is your character level, the gauge of how experienced you have become. The higher level you are, the more skilled of a fighter you are, and the better you have mastered your abilities and perfected the use of your natural attributes. Your character increases their level as they overcome milestones of experience and danger and are forced to use their skills. The game has a maximum level of 30.

                The second aspect of your character growth is belcarnium. Belcarnium is an essence that sustains and allows life. All living beings have it. When a creature dies, their belcarnium is released. That energy is then consumed by those around the fallen. As a living creature accumulates more belcarnium than they need to survive, they ascend. Ascending gives them supernatural attributes, such as great strength, speed, and regeneration. Over time, it may allow even greater feats, such as flight, impervious skin, and the ability to manipulate belcarnium into supernatural effects, or ‘magic’.

                In addition, your character will advance by completing classes and subclasses, taken one at a time in five level intervals. You will also acquire greater gear, including weapons with different advancement and subtypes, such as relics, runic, divine, demon, or marvel. Over time, you will adorn yourself with magic ‘charms’ that enhance your abilities, such as enchanted rings, tattoos, and bracelets. Finally, your character ancestry plays a huge amount into your character growth, with new features that are automatically unlocked as you become more skilled and tap more into your biological nature.

Living in the Realms

               You will live a life of danger and excitement as you try to carve a place for yourself in the Realms. However, a lot of time will be spent away from the danger. Many adventurers have a day job that they can use to pass the time and provide a safe income. Build a shop, make connections, and increase your skills at running your own business. These professions will provide you with an extra source of income and a way to relax.

                Relaxation is particularly important for warriors. After all, fighting and risking your life non-stop is stressful and, frequently, traumatic. As you suffer pain, injury, and anguish, you will accumulate trauma. Trauma effects your mental stability. The more trauma you have, the weaker your willpower and more unstable you become. Successful adventuring involves balancing the warrior’s lifestyle with enough time to rest and recover from your harrowing experiences.

                Thankfully, there is plenty to do away from the battlefield, even if you do not run your own business. You can spend your time researching a mysterious topic or training for your next battle. Perhaps you spend your spare time performing acts of charity or repenting for your mistakes. Many adventurers are the more boisterous sorts, however, and would rather spend their spare time and credits drinking, partying, and gambling at the local bars.

                But you must make sure to manage your decadence. Corruption is a tangible force in the universe, the province of demons. Exposing yourself too much to sinful behaviors can allow supernatural corruption to build up in you. As this corruption builds, it effects your behavior and your abilities, both positively and negatively. Spend too much time in hedonistic pursuits and you will build indulgence corruption, becoming susceptible to trauma but less willing to do anything but engage in pleasures. Performing acts of pure malice will drain you of emotion, while also reducing your ability to feel pain.

                Living in the Realm is a balance act. You balance your life as a warrior and as a businessperson. You balance playing with working, deciding how much fun you can have before you can become addicted to it. Do you fight your dark emotions, or do they control you?

A Realm of Impossible Danger

                 When you begin your character’s journey, you will be a simple man or woman in universe full of threats. You will begin by facing both man and beast in your quest to claim your place in the Realms. You will defend society from marauders or raze cities for your own profit. Wander into the wild to face powerful monstrosities and giant beasts. Face the undead creations of dark magic and multitudes of mechanical minions spawned from robotics and advanced science. There is no shortage of foes in the Realms.

                As you defeat your enemies, you will consume their belcarnium and take it for yourself. As you ascend, you become more than mortal. But the threats do not end with your ascension; ascension is just the beginning of the true battle. As you grow in power, you will fight enemies with supernatural power of their own, including wraiths, demons, and elementals. You will battle supernatural agents that seem invincible to the common man. In the meantime, you will battle lesser mortals who gather in entire armies to challenge you. Other ascendants will challenge you in epic duels than span continents. You will feel power of the sort you have never imagined.

                But no matter how powerful you have become, there is also a greater threat for you to try to match. There are stories of archfiends, powerful demons, that can consume entire worlds with their corruption and fury. The very essence of suffering fuels their infinite power, and their presence warps mortal minds for thousands of miles. Angels enforce cold, imperial rule on civilizations, subjecting masses to fall in line with their ideals. Societies that resist them are vaporized by the angel’s self-righteous power. Dragons, egotistical and obsessive, believe themselves the rightful rulers of the entire universe. A dragon can be a powerful benefactor, but the slightest wound to their pride can result in the death of you and everyone you care about.   

                There is huge variety of enemies that you can face in the Stellar Realms. Some might only be a threat to a novice civilian inexperienced in the way of combat. Others require groups of characters who have all achieved full belcarnium ascension.

Get Ready to Role play in the Stellar Realms

               The Stellar Realms Roleplaying Game will include all of what we have talked about and more. It is a vast setting spreading over multiple galaxies in a unique epic fantasy and space opera hybrid. Battle dragons aboard your spaceship. Fight off hordes of alien robots with sword, bow, and spell. Explore crystalline citadels filled with arcane beings in the depths of space. Uncover of the secrets of extinct civilizations buried on your home world. Uncover the mysteries of the Lights of Creation. Fight the corruption of insane, maddened gods.

                 The game is currently being worked on. News and information will come over time, in both the discord chat and in the patreon newsletters. There is no current release date for this project.

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