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Tactical Roleplaying Adventure Game set in the StarCraft Universe

StarCraft RPG: Personalized Starship Record Sheet

Last Updated 1/30/2018

A record sheet to use for a StarCraft party's command ship, using the personalized starship creation rules in Supplement 2: The Advanced Terran Training Manual.


StarCraft Roleplaying Game: Core Rulebook

Last Updated 9/29/2020

The Core Rulebook for the game: includes all the rules to play as terrans, and all the base rules for the game. This is the essential resource for the StarCraft RPG.

StarCraft Roleplaying Game: Character Sheet

Last Updated 2/25/2019

A character sheet PDF for characters of any race, that you can fill directly on your computer.

StarCraft Roleplaying Game: Rules Reference Sheets

Last Updated 7/16/202

A single page sheet that has the game's core rules within easy access, color coded to make it easy to find what you are looking for.

StarCraft RPG: ALternate Character Sheet

Last Updated 9/25/2017

Alternate character sheet. Created by Bink

StarCraft Roleplaying Game Supplement 1: The Zerg Swarm

Last Updated 9/29/2020

All the rules for including the predatory zerg into your StarCraft adventures, including rules for playing Infested Terran characters.  Plenty of zerg creatures to battle in your games, from the Aberration to the Zergling.

StarCraft Roleplaying Game Supplement 2: Advanced Terran Training Manual

Last Updated 9/29/2020

Expanded rules for terran and psionic terrans in the StarCraft RPG, including new specializations, equipment, vehicles, talents, and more. Dozens of new premade terran-themed NPCs to include in your games of StarCraft.

StarCraft Roleplaying Game Supplement 3: The Protoss

Last Updated 9/29/2020

The ultimate resource for playing Aiur and Nerazim protoss, including protoss classes, equipment, vehicles, and many premade NPCs for Game Master's to include in StarCraft adventures.

StarCraft Roleplaying Game Supplement 4: Monsters of Koprulu

Last Updated 9/29/2020

The grand StarCraft bestiary, with dozens of beasts, creatures, zerg, and infested for your players to battle. Also contains rules for playing primal zerg, infested terrans, and running zerg campaigns. 

Starcraft Roleplaying Game Supplement 5:

The End War

Last Updated 9/29/2020

The guidebook for the ultimate StarCraft conflict: the End War. Serves as a massive expanded player supplement for protoss, guidebook for End War campaigns, and massive bestiary for protoss, hybrid, and other void entities.

Resource includes all the rules to play as two new alien races: the vicious Tal'darim protoss and the robotic Purifier protoss.

StarCraft Roleplaying Game Resource: Dominion Intel Briefing

Last Updated 9/29/2020

The 2017 patreon bonus content. Player options for both terran and protoss, as well content and NPCs for Game Masters to use in their StarCraft adventures.

StarCraft Roleplaying Game Resource: Explorer's Guide to the Sector

Last Updated 9/29/2020

The 2018 patreon bonus content. Faction focuses on most major StarCraft factions, with new equipment, character options, and NPCs. 

StarCraft Roleplaying Game Resource: Paragons of the Galaxy

Last Updated 9/29/2020

This resource contains rules for playing beyond 30th level, as well rules and guidelines for introducing some of StarCraft's greatest heroes into you campaigns. 

StarCraft Roleplaying Game Resource: StarCraft Heroes Guide

Last Updated 1/5/2021

The 2019 patreon bonus content. Options for most races, back story generators, rules of military campaigns, vehicle customization rules, technomancy psionic discipline, and rules and lore for different styles of StarCraft campaigns.

StarCraft Roleplaying Game Adventure: Raid on Installation Delta-Rose

Last Updated 7/16/2020

An adventure on planet Redstone for characters of any race. Recommended level is 7th-12th.

StarCraft Roleplaying Game Adventures: Beginning Conflicts

Last Updated 7/16/2020

A collection of three adventures for low level StarCraft characters.

StarCraft Roleplaying Game Adventures: Mar Sara Adventures

Last Updated 1/5/2021

A collection of three adventures for low level Terran StarCraft characters.


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