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                I am not so arrogant to think I know all the answers to every question. I encourage everyone who reads and enjoys the game to sign up as a member and discuss the games in our forums. The only way to improve the game is through mutual collaboration. We have a long history of listening to the community, providing new content and mechanics fixes based on player feedback.

The updates below are based on playtesters and address balance issues and ideas. Our public Discord is for group finding, clarification of rules from the members, and ideas. 



All game systems listed are intellectual properties of the respective authors and businesses. These are fan-based, created under the fair use laws. These are not licensed, nor do they claim to be. Please support the continuation of this project.  Thank you so much for visiting us here at Leovaunt Game Design and for sharing in our enthusiasm!  We hope you join us and help us with providing a long and prosperous future of supplying RPG content!

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