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StarCraft Reloaded and Ready Expansion Available Now!

The first StarCraft expansion in a long time is here! We are transitioning to release more frequent, but shorter content releases, starting with StarCraft: Reloaded and Ready. This is a terran supplement focused on new options, gameplay mechanics, and build ideas. This includes:

-New Backgrounds

-Advanced Backgrounds for characters starting above 1st level

-Science powers for intelligence-focused terrans

-New pilot, co-pilot, and starship engineer actions in space combat

-Animal companion characters

-Quick combat rules for quickly resolving minor fights with consequence

-New weapons, armor, ammunition, and chemicals

-New talents

-Survival-campaign focused outpost building rules

For right now, you can find it here or on the discord. If you want more frequent notifications, you will want to head to the discord anyway, as it is where I do the most announcements now days. You can get there from here:

StarCraft Expansion 1- Reloaded and Ready
Download PDF • 1.20MB

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