Halo Role playinG Game

Leovaunt Game Design is proud to present the Halo Roleplaying Game!

Unlocked and voted upon by the patreon community, the Halo RPG is a revised version of the StarCraft roleplaying game designed for the famous video game setting by Bungie, Microsoft, and 343 Studios. The Halo RPG focuses on waging a military campaign, where the party is a team of soldiers and heroes fighting for the dominance of their faction. Assemble an elite squad, pilot vehicles, and call down powerful artillery strikes upon your enemies. Play as either a UNSC human-based fireteam or a group of elite covenant warriors!

This is only the beginning of the Halo RPG as more game lines will be released over time.


Halo Roleplaying Game: Core Rulebook

Last Updated 2/25/2020

The Core Rulebook for the game: includes all the rules to play the base game. Does not include the content; for that, see the UNSC and Covenant Handbooks


Halo Roleplaying Game: UNSC Handbook

Last Updated 2/25/2020

The content supplement for playing human characters defending humanity, including the human, Spartan, and AI playable races.


Halo Roleplaying Game: Covenant Handbook

Last Updated 2/25/2020

The content supplement for playing the alien conquerors of the Covenant, including the elite, brute, jackal, and grunt playable races.

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Halo Character Record Sheet

Last Updated 4/5/2019

Character record sheet for the Halo RPG.


Halo Rules Reference Quick SHeet

Last Updated 2/25/2020

Quick reference sheet or all the basic rules needed for playing the Halo RPG. 


Halo: FOrerunner's Legacy

Last Updated 2/25/2020

Resource for including Flood, Prometheans, Sentinels, and Forerunner Technology in your Halo Roleplaying Game.


Halo: Advanced Warfare

*New* 1/5/2021

Compendium of the 2019-2020 Halo Bonus Contents, featuring content from the Halo Wars games.