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Halo Role playinG Game

Leovaunt Game Design is proud to present the Halo Roleplaying Game!

Unlocked and voted upon by the patreon community, the Halo RPG is a revised version of the StarCraft roleplaying game designed for the famous video game setting by Bungie, Microsoft, and 343 Studios. The Halo RPG focuses on waging a military campaign, where the party is a team of soldiers and heroes fighting for the dominance of their faction. Assemble an elite squad, pilot vehicles, and call down powerful artillery strikes upon your enemies. Play as either a UNSC human-based fireteam or a group of elite covenant warriors!

This is only the beginning of the Halo RPG as more game lines will be released over time.



Last Updated 08/9/2023

From species and gear changes to equipment and talent updates and additions, check out the revisions our play testers and community have ask for, suggested, and received here.


Halo Roleplaying Game: Core Rulebook

Last Updated 08/9/2023

The Core Rulebook for the game: includes all the rules to play the base game. Does not include the content; for that, see the UNSC and Covenant Handbooks


Halo Roleplaying Game: UNSC Handbook

Last Updated 08/09/2023

The content supplement for playing human characters defending humanity, including the human, Spartan, and AI playable races.


Halo Roleplaying Game: Covenant Handbook

Last Updated 08/09/2023

The content supplement for playing the alien conquerors of the Covenant, including the elite, brute, jackal, and grunt playable races.

350px-HW2_Blitz_Marines (1).png

Halo Character Record Sheet

Last Updated 8/9/2023

Character record sheet for the Halo RPG. Now with fillable boxes!


Halo Rules Reference Quick SHeet

Last Updated 8/09/2023

Quick reference sheet or all the basic rules needed for playing the Halo RPG. 


Halo: FOrerunner's Legacy

New 8/09/2023

Resource for including Flood, Prometheans, Sentinels, and Forerunner Technology in your Halo Roleplaying Game.

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