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Tactical and adventure based games for the ultimate adventure settings

                My games blend dynamic tactical combat and open-form character design while still supporting an unrestricted narrative. The goal is to stay true to the settings my settings occupy, using the lore from all aspects of the game universe, including novels and comics, rather than just the video games themselves.

                One of the core concerns is introducing tactical RPG combat that feels real and allows for a wide variety of possible actions while being fun and engaging. Enemies are designed to be elaborate and full of many different actions and possibilities, so that each form of monster or non-player character feels different and dynamic. This allows your enemies in combat feel different from one another, to force adaptation to different strategies against different foes. In the meantime, players have a host of different action combinations they can perform on their turns. Will you aim your weapon, evade incoming projectiles, deploy a tactical stance, demand your enemies surrender, or use the chemical injector in your armor? All these can be performed in a single turn, in addition to other actions. Despite it all, the game plays quickly.

                All the game systems are designed to be played with a single type of dice, usually d20s. One single roll tells you everything you need to know about your attack, from your accuracy, to damage, to whether or not you cripple your foe. While the system is different, anyone who has played d20 tactical RPGs should be able to pick it up quickly.

                The systems are designed as a sort of ‘one-size fits all’, meaning that everything in a game system is cross compatible. For example, in the Starcraft RPG, a marine, a siege tank, and a battle cruiser can be used in the same encounter, despite their massive difference in size and power level. There is no limitation of vehicle combat, personal combat, and super-massive entities combat; all can be one single fight.

                One of the most interesting aspects of the game is the aforementioned free-form character design. Everything your character has comes from the expenditure of characteristic points gained upon leveling up. These characteristic points can be used to increase any of your attributes, skills, and purchase new traits in the form of Talents. In addition, there is plenty of gear customization in the form of item upgrades and higher level item tiers. Your character’s growth will be consistent and constant, with always having something new to look forward to in the growth of your character.

                There are many more features I could talk about and promote, but you should honestly just see it for yourself! All downloads are free from the website. If you would like exclusive access or early access, please consider joining our PATREON to donate and keep the creative content going.

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