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StarCraft Update 3/21/24

After several years, we finally have a new update finished for the StarCraft RPG! This update was focused on core rules changes to help streamline and clarify the game. You can get all of the changes from the StarCraft page, which is newly rearranged, looking for the 3-20-2024 documents.

Major changes to the game system include the following:

-Additional clarity on the turn system and types of actions -Expanded types of area of effect attacks, with diagrams showing the AOEs in use

-Rework of the suppressing fire system

-Changed temporary hit points into protection points, which now stack, but are limited in the amount you can gain.

-Keyword section at the end of the encounter chapter to clarify game and rule terminology

-Renamed 'fatigue point' to 'exhaustion points' to add separation from energy fatigue

-Reworked chemicals to have a better system that doesn't involve ability score damage

-Made the difference between base ammunition and variant ammunition more clear

-Put balance limitations on a few high end psionic powers, such as Dominate, Crush, Annihilation Beam, Rain of Fire, and totally reworked Telekinetic Combat

-New cover images for the Core Rulebook and 6 core supplements. The list goes on. If you want to see the whole list of balance updates, see the revision log near the bottom of the StarCraft game page. Also at the bottom of the game page is the new StarCraft Expansion 1: Reloaded and Ready, available for the first time on the website. A few more notes to go over with these changes: -Unfortunately, I have not heard back from the people who were creating the new fillable PDF record sheet, so that is going to be an even longer wait. Sorry for the continued inconvenience. -NPCs were largely untouched by the StarCraft update, and may have some abilities and tactics descriptions that are slightly incompatible with rules changes. You can ignore the changes or adapt them as you would; it makes a very small difference. Reworked NPCs are going to be part of a larger update in the future.

-As I am only one person and this was a lot of core mechanics changes to go through across many documents. I might have missed some things every here and there. If you find them, please post them in the StarCraft edits so they can be fixed.

-I have removed several documents from the StarCraft section of the website, namely the adventure documents. I don't have the time to maintain these with core game changes, though I might revisit them in the future. Meanwhile, I am going to be loading them into the legacy documents section of the public discord.

We have a lot more cool projects in the works, and some new expansions for StarCraft and Halo planned! More news in the future! Meanwhile, please back me on patreon so I can continue making games for you! Thank you!

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