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Halo 2023 Update! Forerunner's Legacy Re-Release! Fillable PDF Record Sheet! Halo Balance Update!

Today is the public re-release of Halo: Forerunner's Legacy! Also with this release is our new fillable Halo character sheet and updated core documents. In case you hadn't seen it before, Forerunner's Legacy contains: -A chapter of lore and statistics for Flood, Sentinels, and Prometheans -Rules for generating your own proto-gravemind NPCs -Forerunner weapons your players can use -Promethean-based armor abilities for Spartans -A chapter dedicated to quickly stated-out generating alien fauna to use in your campaign -A number of talents dedicated to the foes in this supplement, as well as Forerunner technology. The update includes a wide variety of rules and balance discussions that took place on this discord as well as a huge number of edits and typos. See the 2023 Revision Log for this list of balance changes. Meanwhile, thanks to Zaida and Misty Morning Creations for their work on making the fillable character sheet! As always, any typos, constructive suggestions, or balance tweaks can be discussed on the discord at:

Halo RPG Core Rulebook (8-9-23)
Download PDF • 5.95MB

Halo RPG UNSC Handbook (8-9-23)
Download PDF • 5.24MB

Halo RPG Covenant Handbook (8-9-23)
Download PDF • 7.55MB

Halo RPG Forerunner's Legacy (8-9-23)
Download PDF • 5.75MB

Halo Fillable Character Sheet
Download PDF • 606KB

Meanwhile, the next major project to work on will be the 2023 StarCraft Expansion! Thank you for your support everyone!

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