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Website Overhaul and Release of 2020 Bonus Content!

Very exciting day here at Leovaunt Game Design! As you can see, we've done a complete overhaul of our website structure! This is part of our trip to make the website more accessible and attractive. As always, we are trying to draw in more people to continue building our Leovaunt Game Design community!

A huge shoutout to RPGTheDarkCheshire for all of her work on getting this overhaul on the website done!

In addition, we are releasing the 2020 patreon bonus content on the website today. Previously available on the discord and patreon, this content will not be easily available to everyone on the website. For a recap of what documents these are, this includes the new Halo Resource: Advanced Warfare, the StarCraft Adventures: Mar Sara, and an updated version of the StarCraft Heroes Guide! Check these out!

Remember to join our public discord to give your voice to the community. If you like what we do, sign up on the patreon to get newsletters, Diablo bonus content, and information about the Stellar Realms setting and RPG!

Thank you everyone!


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