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Diablo RPG Alpha Now Available!

At long last, the first part of the LD20 Diablo Roleplaying Game is available to everyone! This has been an exciting project that has been worked on for the last patreon year! It’s been an epic work and a thrill of a creative exercise. Created of a heavily modified and simplified version of LD20 with a totally different character creation mechanic, Leovaunt’s Diablo Roleplaying Game is here for your first look.

I do need to emphasize one major thing about this release. This is NOT A FINISHED GAME. This resource has a great deal of information in it but is missing a great deal more! You cannot play the game just on what I am providing today! For that you will have to wait for the 2022 release and beyond.

This alpha version includes:

-Basic player character building rules

-19 character classes split amongst 5 archetypes

-All of the game’s talents and spells

-Information of the basic numbers on a character sheet and how to derive your statistics

This version does NOT include:

-The encounter and combat rules (much of this can be deduced from other LD20 titles, however)

-The job and crafting systems

-Equipment and magic items

-Game mastering rules and advice


Furthermore, because this game is still in development, there has been no playtesting thus far. The system is also different enough from core LD20 that all the numbers are subject to change in the future. This is an early alpha product, a proof of concept, if you will. As with any alpha product, there will probably be numerous typos and edits that need fixing.

Despite its early status, I’m very pleased with how this game is looking! It seems very enjoyable to play, with lots of clever and unique character builds made possible in the game! If you are a patreon backer who has been following this project, you should know there has been many fixes and balance updates since the original release of these articles!

If you like what you see and want to support the project, please sign up on our patreon at A mere 10$ a month will get you all of the Diablo Bonus Contents as the release each month!

Thank you all for your support and enjoy!

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