DOOM Update 9/29/2020

To go with the StarCraft update, we have a decent DOOM update as well, dedicated to some balance issues, as well as new content! There will still be a much larger update around summer of next year, to go with the completion of the Ancient Gods DLCs.

Doom Update Notes

Specialization Themes

Dual-Wielding Theme

-Battle Master Master Spec now gives +1 agility instead of instinct

Gunner Theme:

-Heavy Gunner Advanced Spec just gives Hailfire (+1) against primary target

Leader Theme

-Military Commander Advanced Spec generates +1 morale and allows you to give a target 2 morale

-Icon of Mankind Master Spec gives you +2 morale bonus under character’s leadership, instead of large benefit with bonus morale

Lunatic Theme:

-Paranoid Basic Spec now makes it so you cannot benefit from other’s leadership and they cannot benefit from yours

-Delusional Advanced spec now makes it you cannot use tactics

-Insane Master spec now makes it you cannot perform any actions on a 1-7, while an 8-9 means only standard actions

Unarmed Combat Theme

-Monk Advanced spec means your unarmed attacks gain Hailfire 1 as long as you are not cleaving or dual-wielding.

Negotiator Theme

-Renamed Icon to Figurehead

-Figurehead no longer has effects on a failed check

Other Updates

-Added 2 new specialization themes: Melee and Ranged

-The Damage Resistance Values of most armors have been increased.

Added 2 more background groups, the Optimistic Survivor and the Religious Background

-Updated all NPCs for the change to defensive fighting

-Gave the Whiplash the cybernetic augments trait

-Gave the Shadow Wraith the Defensive Fighting talent

-Added a new creature: the Pit Beast, inspired by the pinky demon variant of Doom 3

-Added three new melee weapons: the sword, hatchet, and cultist knife. The sword and hatchet can be acquired with background points.

-Changed the Argent Energy, Makyr, and Elemental benefits that the Night Sentinel weapons gain on max upgrade level to be more balanced.


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