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Halo Update, Progress Report, and Moving Forward!

Hey everyone! I am not dead and am still hard at work! I realize we haven't had a blog update since earlier this year, but I've still been working. Remember you can get more frequent updates on the patreon or discord channels!

The primary purpose of the update right now is to present the Halo Updated Requisition Guide. We are doing a major update for Halo next year, and present this change to the requisition system to tide us over until then!

This system removes the requisition by credits system and squad points, and replaces them with a single, small number currency used to purchase both gear and squad members. Inside are all the information you need to play this system, as well as the overhauled, simplified squad member system that we are going to be using going forward!

Also included in this resource is a discussion of some of the changes coming to the Halo RPG in the next update, such as changes to equipment upgrades, squad life, change in NPC design, and more. This is a real good source of information for those of you wanting to see how Halo is getting changed going forward.

You can find this revised rules document on the Halo page, on its own tag under the Halo RPG Core Rulebook. It will also be available on the public discord under announcements, the private discord under Halo, and on the patreon.

In the meantime, I am working on many other things right now. On the patreon, we are putting out the last of the alpha Diablo classes this week, all for public release by the end of the year. Next month, we are going to return to doing some StarCraft bonus contents while alternating with additional Diablo content, such as jobs and equipment.

In the meantime, my main progress right now is the Doom update. This massive update will include a huge amount of new content including:

1) New demons from the Doom Eternal DLCs

2) Expanded scrap part and crafting system

3) Random loot tables

4) Advanced research systems for you to create new items, workstations, and defenses, including your own BFG-9000!

5) Vehicles, everything from motor cycles to Atlans!

6) A huge section of non-player characters to fill your Doom campaigns with, including scientists, ARC troopers, civilians, cultists, argenta warriors, and hell priests!

7) Last but not least, new specialization themes, backgrounds, and talents. Doom will also have its own dedicated talent section, not borrowing one from StarCraft anymore!

In the meantime, we are continuing work on Stellar Realms. We've published 15 lore entries on the patreon, and shown off the first drafts of multiple chapters of the game. We are going back to the Stellar Realms once Doom is done. Afterwards, we are going to do the Halo Update or the big StarCraft adventure.

We are doing so many things right now, that we haven't done a terribly great job talking to people and letting them know we are still working. I'll try to get better at that! In the meantime, please jump on the public discord to contribute to the discussion or support us on the patreon so we can continue the work! Thank you all!


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