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From cult video games to customizable, Leovaunt Game Design has the tools to keep your adventuring party going. There are conversions of classics into table top systems and coming soon is a wholly unique universe of exploration and intrigue on the next galaxy's horizon with THE STELLAR REALMS. Join the patreon if you like what you read below

StarCraft Tabletop

StarCraft Supplement 6: Fire and Fury Now Available!​

The final StarCraft Supplement, Fire and Fury, is now available! This massive resource contains new character options for every race, rules for high level campaigns, capital ships, mass combat, and more!


DOOM Update 1/20/2021

Thanks to extensive playtesting, we have published a huge number of balance tweaks for the DOOM RPG to make the game both more fun and challenging. See the blog or patreon for list of changes.


Halo: Forerunner's Legacy, now Available!


The first expansion for the Halo RPG is now available! This is an exciting addition to the Halo RPG that adds numerous new enemy factions for your players to face, as well as exotic worlds and locations for you to visit.


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