New Website Up and Roaring!


Yes, I have a new website. I've been keeping it a secret for a while, but now I want to unveil it to the world!

As anyone who has been around Leovaunt Game Design knows, the previous website had its host of problems. Problems with making posts, blog and forum update feed problems, and general ugliness fall under the purview of the list of problems. Recently, I hadn't even been paying the old website much heed due to the shame it bore upon me.

However, I have been working hard for the last month to get this new website up, so everyone can have a cleaner and more streamlined service in communicating amongst the forums and searching for their Leovaunt Game Design products!

Unfortunately, the members list, blog, and existing forum discussion will no longer carry over to the new website. Therefore, we are starting from scratch. Whether you are a new or returning member, I encourage you to sign up and bring your feedback and discussion to Leovaunt Game Design. Start with your thoughts on the new website, what you like, what you don't like, and how we can improve. I'm still getting the hand of all the changes, so it might be a little while until I am able to compile all of your changes.

I want to thank all my site guests and contributors for getting this new website up. No one deserves more thanks than my patreon backers, who allowed me to afford to get this site up and going again!

Thank you so much! Hope to talk to you all soon!

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