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StarCraft RPG Update 11/26/2017

We got some changes today, and updates to every StarCraft book. In addition to everything listed, there were countless typos and fixes performed. These changes are organized by race rather than resource.

General Changes

-There is a new ‘Push Ally’ option, where you can move a willing, adjacent ally 1 square in any direction. This will help move slow or stunned allies out of hazardous terrain, firing lines, or stunning effects. This is performed as a move action, and is found under the Action Details: Move Actions.

-The Dog Fighting talent has been reworked. It no longer gives a Strafe action to evade attacks, and instead allows aerial vehicle to perform Bob and Weave actions as long as they are Gargantuan-sized or smaller.

Terran Changes

-Removed references of the Geiger Counter giving biological resistance. This is a dated mechanic

-The Monk advanced specialization has changed its special ability. Now, it gives unarmed attacks Hailfire (1) and Cleaving (1)

-Flash Weapon Trait: Targets toughness instead of defense, struck targets suffer Concealment for 3 rounds, missed targets concealment for 1 round

-5-4 Armored Infantry Suit: Drastic changes: Launchers can be used to make rifle butts, count as normal grenade launchers (average attack speed and does not need a round to reload), components for explosives has been drastically decreased.

-Improved Igniter weapon upgrade works differently. Now, when setting a target on fire, the burning damage gains Hailfire (1).

-The cost of missiles (not the batteries, just the missiles) has been reduced by at least ¼. Now it shouldn’t cost more to arm your ship than to purchase it!

-Siege tank hit points were incorrect. They have been fixed (they are about 100 points higher)

-The Marauder terran NPC now has a High threat rating.

Zerg and Primal Zerg Changes

-The ‘Undying’ Command Tactics now gives 3 temporary hit points plus 3 per success

-Primal Zerg Elemental Born: Instead of giving you bonus damage with the weapons of the correct element, now changes all acid damage weapon to the chosen element. Therefore, if you have an Acidic Saliva attack with the Frost Element, your attack loses Acid Damage and Corrosion and gains Energy Damage and Freeze. Elemental Aberration allows you to combine multiple different weapon elements on your element-based natural weapons.

-Fixed table errors regarding confusion between the Toxic and Void abilities. The Elemental Born table listed the Elemental Aura abilities, and vice versa. This is now fixed.

-The Advanced Race Guide now features the full list of available zerg natural weapons and armors, as well as weapon traits.

Protoss Changes

-Warp weapon (psionic weapons used the Void power source) now gain bonus damage equal to wielder’s Psi Level.

-The Channeled Aggression perk of the tal’darim has been weakened, so the action cannot be used to manifest psionic powers.

-In Supplement 3, the constructs chapter now ends with the list of natural armors/ hull types for vehicles.

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