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December Newsletter and Bonus Content now available to Patreon Backers!

This month’s Leovaunt Game Design bonus content and newsletter are now available for patreon backers. This gives our supporters additional content to include in their games of StarCraft, as well previews for upcoming releases.

The newsletter is available for 5$ backers. Included in the December newsletter is:

-The Personalized Starship rules coming for terran parties in the Advanced Terran Training manual.

-Statistics for the Combat Support Drone and the infamous Raven Surveillance Drone

-Discussion of the three resources coming this month: Intel Briefings, Paragons of the Galaxy, and Raid on Installation Delta-Rose

The bonus content is available for 10$ backers. Included in the December bonus content is:

-Four new infested terran directives: the Bulbous Bile-Bringer, the Hand of the Swarm, the Living Plague, and the Manhunter!

-New mutations for infested terrans relating to those directives.

-Example infested terran NPCs to include in your games that use the new directives: the Malformed Vilespawn, the Creature in the Dark, and the Proto-Aberrant!

-A new paragon of the galaxy! This resource will have statistics for everyone’s favorite infested terran, Alexei Stukov! Included with be a short biography to catch people up on his lore, his statistics, and an entry on tactics and how he fights.

If haven't already signed up and you wish to support the work we put out, you can support us on patreon at

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