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StarCraft Infested Terran Update 12/4/2017

There is an update today just to Supplement 2, that relates to infested terran characters. The directive system has been changed. Now, directives no longer function like backgrounds and are instead more similar to terran specializations. Here is the list of changes.

-Directives no longer cost characteristic points

-Epic infested terrans do not have the options for 2 directives at 1st level

-Now, infested terrans gain a directive every 10 levels. Therefore, a level 30 infested terran will have 4 directives (gaining them at 1, 10, 20, and 30).

-By large, directives are relatively unchanged. If you have an existing infested terran character, you can quickly change to the new system by following the changes below per directive:

Infested Agent of the Swarm

-Refund 6 Characteristic Points

-Gain +1 willpower

Infested Evolutionist

-Refund 6 Characteristic Points

-Gain +1 agility

Infested Metamorph

-Refund 5 characteristic points

Infested Psionic Node

-Refund 7 characteristic points

-Gain +1 willpower

-Many new directives and mutations are coming in Supplement 4, if not sooner. This month’s bonus content has 4 new directives, and mutations that relate to those directives.

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