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Gone for the Holidays: Year in Retrospect

I just wanted everyone to know that Leovaunt Game Design is going to be off the radar for the next week or so, while I am traveling for the holidays. Therefore, I will be slow, or simply unable, to respond to any posts in the forums and discord. Rest assured though, I will be continuing my work while I am away.

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday and gets to spend it with family and loved ones. This has been a great year for Leovaunt Game Design. We saw the 2nd edition of the StarCraft RPG, and many core resources for that game. The Fallout RPG has been expanded with several new bestiaries. A new website is up and available, and looking better than ever. Finally, core members of the community have begun supporting our project, so we can continue providing games for you in the long run.

Speaking of the patreon, I want to give a call out to our generous donors who are keeping this project alive: Nick, Jordan, Andrew, Jeff, Jeremy, Josh, Aaron, Bink, Justin, and Daniel. I thank you so much for your faith in me and your aid in keeping this project live. I hope to gain even more supporters next year as the Halo RPG is launched.

Speaking of which, we should be seeing several major updates at the beginning of next year, including StarCraft Supplement 2: The Advanced Terran Training Manual and Fallout Bestiary IV: Lost Era of Technology. Once those are completed, I will begin early work on the Halo RPG.

Thanks so much to all of you again! I hope to hear from you some time! Until then, enjoy the holidays!

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