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StarCraft Adventure: Raid on Installation Delta-Rose, now available!

Today is the release of the final section of patreon bonus content from the past year of Leovaunt Game Design. This time we are releasing the first StarCraft adventure for 2nd edition, the Raid on Installation Delta-Rose. This adventure was first seen in

the September/October issues of patreon bonus content.

This adventure revolves around the raid of a slave mine colony on the planet Redstone that is managed by an evil cooperation. This open-ended adventure is designed for characters between 7th-12th level belonging to any race or disposition. This adventure contains the following content:

-The backstory of the adventure location, and its storied history of being reclaimed and lost many times over again

-A list of adventure hooks for members of every race and faction, as well as details of benefactors who may hire the players to infiltrate the location.

-A set of adventure plot lines of how the adventure may unfold depending on the party’s motivations and benefactor.

-A breakdown of all of the zones of the adventure location, including maps, enemies, locations of interest, and treasure to be found throughout the facility

-Destruction scenarios in case the players seek to obliterate the installation

-Random Treasure tables

-Statistics for the many NPCs, including named villians and allies, who populate the adventure

This adventure is up for free at the bottom of the StarCraft page on our website.

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