January Patreon Bonus Content and Newsletter now Available!

The patreon content for this month is now available! This includes the bonus content for 10$ backers, and the newsletter for 5$ backers.

This month in the patreon Bonus Content we are talking about survival mechanics, in case your players are lost on a frontier world or a hostile planet.

Included in this supplement: -Rules for day cycles and managing your food and water

-What different races need to survive

-Structured survival and fatigue mechanics based on passing day cycles

-Overland travel distances and rules, as well as actions that can be performed on overland travel

-Scavenging mechanics and random loot tables

-Guidelines for providing random encounters for your players

-Ideas for random adventure locations for your players to explore or take shelter in

-Three new terran gear items for players to utilize, all relating to survival

-Four new psionic powers that aid in overland survival, available to all races

In the newsletter, we continued to talk about the content in the imminent Supplement 2: Advanced Terran Training Manual.

-Rules for terran garrisons and defenses, including: bunkers, security towers, trapped floors and walls, laser grids, force fields, and more.

-Statistics for several of the NPCs coming out in the Advanced Terran Training Manual, including elite marines, reapers, firebats, spectres, and the redone ghost!

I want to emphasize we are less than a month away from the final release of the Advanced Terran Training Manual. This is the largest supplement we’ve put out, almost closer in size to the Core Rulebook than most supplements!

If you wish to support the work we put out, you can support us on patreon at Then you will gain access to all the benefits our supporters have been gaining!

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