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February Discussion Forum: Information Roundup

On February 16th, we held a round table discussion for our patreon/discord members to discuss the future of the StarCraft RPG. We came up with a blueprint for the following release schedule that is going to come for the StarCraft RPG.

Book 4: Monsters of Koprulu

-Generic aliens for use in campaigns

-Plenty of zerg creatures, including zerg, primal zerg, and infested terrans

-Infested Vehicles

-Rules for doing zerg campaigns

Book 5: The End War

-Full rules for Tal’darim and Purifier protoss, with plenty of example NPCs and constructs

-Rules for adding exceptionally powerful creatures into your games

-Statistics for hybrids, void thrashers, and other minions of Amon

-Rules for capital ships of all races

-Post end war content, rules, and adventure hubs

Book 6: StarCraft Heroes Guide

-More terran builds, specializations, backgrounds, and talents

-Protoss renown and variant classes

-Rules for military characters to call down powerful abilities from a capital ship or military base

-Elaborate hacking rules, rules for cyberwarfare, and Technomancy psionic powers

-Content for high level characters (24+)

-A wealth of information for designing characters personalities, goals, backgrounds, ambitions, and motivation

Book 7: Game Master’s Guide to StarCraft

-Galactic Map

-Space exploration

-Crime and punishment system

-Upkeep for basic living expenses, such as food, boarding, fuel, docking, etc

-Random encounter and loot tables

-Simplified combat rules for ease of game play

-Huge numbers of new NPCs for all races, including high level characters

Book 8: Colony Creation Handbook

-Rules for creating your own colonies for any race or subrace. More to come on that!

If you wish to support the work we put out, you can support us on patreon at A single 1$ per month will give you access to our discord channel, and allow participation in these discussions. In the meantime, please feel free to continue sharing your thoughts and feelings here on the forums!

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