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New Polls up on the Patreon Page

I'm always looking for people's feedback on how to advanced and move things along. For this purpose, I have FOUR new polls open on patreon page. We are discussing several matters, including:

-The fate of the Mutual Survivor system for Fallout

-The advancement and limitations of Primal Zerg characters in StarCraft

-What bonus content is going to be released the following months (and hence be free at the end of the year).

If you are not yet a supporter and wish to help our community grow, you can join the patreon at A single 1$ per month will give you access to our discord channel, and allow participation in these discussions. Even if you are not a member, all patreon content will be free at the end of every year! Many of these discussions I plan to bring to the forums in future days.

#Patreon #StarCraft #Fallout

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