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StarCraft Update 3/16/2018

Today we have a relatively small, but important update to the StarCraft RPG. The biggest changes are going to be for protoss characters, especially for caster type builds. Other changes focus on powered armor for all races and the experience system.

Universal Updates

*Major* The experience reward system has been revamped. Instead of determining encounter points and encounter levels, every threat level of enemy is worth a fixed amount of XP that is divided amongst the players. For example, a medium threat enemy, worth 100 experience, would be worth 25 experience per character in a 4 person party. In addition, the scaling of threat level based on comparative level has been reduced to a 5 level difference.

-There is a new sidebar on page 53 of Supplement 3 detailing the rules behind terrans and protoss using each other’s equipment.

-The Pirate Captain’s statistics in Supplement 2 have been slightly reworked so they are more effective in commanding ships. The pirate ship’s stats have been updated respectively.

Powered Armor Changes

-CMC-200 and 300 powered armor have been drastically reduced in cost. CMC 200 now costs 2,500 credits, while 300 costs 5,000.

-Every powered armor has a special note detailing what numerical benefits it gains from having a higher tier mounted gear (the bonus damage resistance from gravity boots and +1 instinct from digital uplinks)

-The strength bonus on protoss powered armor has increased by 2.

Protoss Implements

*Major* Protoss implements have been completely reworked in how they function. Now, the damage on a protoss implement is based on Psi Level. Every implement has a damage value that looks like X + PL x Y. This change was to ensure that implements did less damage at low levels, and more damage at high levels. There should also be more balance between the different implements, making them all more attractive options.

-The disintegration rod and focusing crystal have had their charges reduced.

-The electro rod and staff of thunder have had their charges increased. Those weapons have also gained the Psionic Infusion trait instead of any default penetration value.

Protoss Character Changes

-There is a new talent series for protoss called Crystal Focus I-III, that allows protoss to equip more than 5 augmentation crystals. This is found in Supplement 3.

-The Scholar class has received a significant rework. Most of this takes the form of the Chronicles, that have been redone to be less situational and more universal. In addition, the 1st universal level of scholar gives the Chronicles of Faith which relates to morale.

-Every tribes variation of psychic master has received a new ability at 1st level. This ability is an active use ability that can be used as a standard action, costing 1 energy fatigue. The purpose behind this was for beginning psychic masters to have an offensive caster power long before they would actually gain access to offensive psionic powers.

-Aiur Psychic Masters gained Psionic Lightning, a line attack. Energy Shock, an Elite Psychic Master ability, now augments this instead of Psionic Bolt.

-Nerazim Psychic Masters, instead of gaining an offensive power, gained a short distance teleport. This is to capitalize on the melee focus of these psychic masters.

-Tal’darim Psychic Masters gains a short ranged burst attack the synergizes with their Magus masteries for damage.

-Purifier Psychic Masters can blast all adjacent enemies with a purifying blast. Like nerazim, this is to help them focus on their martial focus, while still gaining some need offensive casting.

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