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Fallout Overhaul Progress Update

Just want to do a progress update on the Fallout overhaul, since I’ve gotten questions about it. The project is roughly 80% done. Both the Core Rulebook and Bestiary I are finished, minus some extra editing. Bestiary 2 and 3 are both half-way finished, with the creatures done but the character NPCs still updating to the new system. So far, everything looks very good. I’m quite pleased with the way the game is looking, and it is a project I am proud to be working on again.

I expect the overhaul to be released in the first half of April, at the latest. Fallout Bestiary IV should follow it within a few weeks, a month at maximum.

Currently, the Mutual Survivor system has been removed, but I’ve gotten some surprising feedback that people still want it in the game. Therefore, I am going to reintroduce it in a later bonus supplement after Bestiary V, prolonging the project further than was originally intended. The new system is going to be more of an optional rule, a leadership-type mechanic, rather than a regular second character. Also, being outside the Core Rulebook, it will be more of an optional ruleset than a hard-pressed feature, which is perfect for Game Masters who do not want it in their games.

I will tell you more as I know more and issues are decided.


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