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Fallout Overhaul Complete

The massive Fallout Overhaul is now live! This revised version of Fallout is cleaner, smoother, and more usable than ever before! Many mechanics have been completely changed, and all the numbers of the ruleset have been overhauled.

I want to thank everyone for being so patient while I’ve been finishing this, and for all the patreon supporters who voted for the content changes that were included in this update. Finally, I’d like to thank my local playtesters for their feedback and time playing.

The overall changes effect the Core Rulebook and all three bestiaries and are too numerous to mention. We do have the short notes on all the most noteworthy changes:

-Game has been changed from a 3d6 system to a d20 system. All of the mechanics in the game that previous involved adding or subtracting dice has been released by d20 modifiers.

-Overall wave of editing, clarifications, and numerical rebalances. This is across the entire supplement and every facet of the rules, so listing every change is unfeasible.

-Characters start with 2 in every attribute, not 3.

-Added a lore skill for knowledge and information-based checks

-Removed the Mutual Survivor option. This will return in a later supplement.

-Removed the Traits character design options. This will return in a later supplement.

-Humans give an additional Tag! Skill instead of free traits. All races and background have been rebalanced for both benefits and characteristic point costs.

-There are now three power levels for character creation, Normal, Advanced, and Epic. Different power levels give different amounts of characteristic points

-Resistances have been compiled into 2 values: Damage Resistance and Radiation Resistance.

-Carrying items works in an item slots system like StarCraft

-Encounter rules now have a new section for common Conditions and variant damage types (near the end of chapter, by death and disfigurement)

-Experience system has been overhauled. Instead of adding up threat level to determine encounter level, every threat level is worth an amount of EXP that is split between every character.

-NPC creation is now a free form process, that is not as time consuming as it used to be. Pick a level, pick creature or character, and fill out the numbers and special abilities as you choose. Assign a threat level based on how dangerous a foe it is.

-All bestiary statistics have been completely overhauled with the new system.

-NPC sections of the bestiaries, such as Raiders or Troopers or Tribals, now have new sections of Special Abilities. These are optional abilities that you can give to NPCs of that type to make them more engaging and thematic based on their origins.

In addition to all of this, Fallout Bestiary 4: Lost Era of Technology, is also currently on track for release later this month. Lots of great stuff in that resource, and I can’t wait to get it to you!

Let me know what you think! Thank you everyone!

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