Fallout Update 4/19/2018

With the new release today, we also pushed through a small edit for all documents.

-Detailed editing pass through Perks, to ensure they are all caught up for the latest edition. Focused on perks such as Ferocious Leadership and Loner, that referenced the Mutual Survivor or Lone Wanderer system, as well as perks that referenced traits, such as Seducer. Many other perks got reworked for the new system, such as Power Strike.

-Weapons in the Core Rulebook no longer list damage types

-Revolver, Magnum Revolver, Desert Eagle, and Sniper Rifle have had their base damage reduced by 2

-Hand Grenade and Land Mine gained 5 penetration

-Plasma Grenade and Plasma Mine gained +5 penetration (up to 10)

-The Immune to Pain rule of the Super Mutant Behemoth and Overlord now properly lists that the half damage rule effects any non-area weapon, and are subject to full damage from burst, line, and cone weapons.

-The Radiation blast ability of the Feral Ghoul Reaver specifies the penetration applies against radiation resistance, potentially lowering radiation resistance against their attack

-The Beyond Pain rule of the Fog Crawler now properly lists that the half damage rule effects any non-energy weapon, and are subject to full damage from flaming, laser, or plasma weapons.

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