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StarCraft Update 6/13/2018

This month’s update focuses largely on clarifications on poorly or unclearly written rules. In addition, there are several balance changes.

General Rules

-At long last there are new, fixed, rules for what happens when you gain a pre-existing talent from a terran specialization or protoss class. If it is a multiple tiered talent, you gain the next rank of the talent. If it is not multi-tiered, you gain another talent of your choice that you currently qualify for. You cannot bank this bonus talent until later.

-The Melting and Burning conditions have been changed to be less penalizing. Now, they can be removed as a move action if you succeed a DC 15 acrobatics test. A full-round action still removes it automatically.

-Charging now requires the movement to be in a straight line towards the target you are charging.

-The Line and Cone weapon traits had numerous inaccuracies built into them. They both make a single attack at every enemy in the area, not a separate attack for each target. In addition, they do not ignore defense bonus from cover. This is an old rule, removed for simplicity.

-Gaining morale from killing an enemy only occurs once per turn. Therefore, if you kill three enemies on your turn, you only gain one morale per turn.

-Fixed where the rules reference sheet listed +4 to combat augmentation through focusing, should be advantage instead

-Inserted a new section that specifies that rolling high or low on initiative checks do not affect morale.

-The game universe rules chapter has a new section detailing how knockdown attacks work against flying units. Knocking a flyer prone drops them 10 squares. If they are using vehicle acceleration, they must also make a pilot check or drop their current speed to 0.


-Muscular Enhancement Psionic Power: Previously, psi level 6 with muscular enhancement gave bonus penetration with melee attacks equal to psi level. Now, this has been changed to ½ PL to damage.

-The Psi Level 2 talent now specifies it requires psionics skill, not psionic powers. This is the clarify that wranglers can purchase psi level increases.

-The Haste psychic power in the zerg supplement has been removed. It had too much overlap with other psychic powers.

-Enhanced Attributes no longer gains 2x PL to attributes at Psi level 10

-Compel Action: The Compel Action zerg psionic power is significantly weaker. It now only effects ½ PL targets, or ½ PL +1 if the caster is PL 5 or higher. It no longer gives more than a standard action, regardless of the psi level.


-Insurgent Specialization: The Insurgent specialization has been looked at for a long time for being overpowered in certain character builds. It has been substantially nerfed. Not it gives +2 accuracy as long as you move in a turn, and a free bob and weave action when you action move.


-There is a new evolution for infested characters in Supplement 1. Infested Tenacity is a 5 tier evolution that gives bonus resolve and regeneration.

-The Evolutions Master mutation for infested terrans now gives penalties to biomass, regeneration, and evolution powers every time you take the talent. This is to place additional importance on Evolutionists being the evo-power specialists and restrict gaining more powerful evolution disciplines for most infested characters.

-The Acid Blood zerg creature trait has changed. It now deals damage whenever the zerg is hit, and deals damage to an adjacent creature (the attacker if possible). It’s damage has been reduced to 2x level, down from 3x level.


-Added the new Duelist tier of talents in the Protoss supplement. The Duelist talents are designed to aid characters that focus in fighting with a single psi blade and no other weapon. Previously there was no advantage to this build.

-The Corsair has gained a new special rule that allows it to deal full, non-divided damage to squadrons and double mass damage to swarms. This is to give it a more defined role closer to the video, as the protoss counter to squadrons and swarms. In addition, it’s primary weapon has received +5 penetration.

-The Phoenix’s ion cannon weapon has been improved. It now has a power rating of +5 (rather than +4), has gained +10 penetration, and its rending increases to +20 against constructs.

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