Fallout Update 6/20/2018

Accompanying the release of Fallout Bestiary V is a small update for the Fallout RPG.

-The Burning Condition has been changed to be less penalizing. It can be removed as a move action if you succeed a DC 15 acrobatics test.

-The specifications on rounding numbers in the Fallout RPG has been reprinted to the beginning of Chapter 1 (bottom of page 10).

-The table that portrays example trading partners and their available caps/ items now also lists the base bartering level that such individuals trade at for bartering advantage.

-There are now rules for knocking a flyer prone. Knocking a flyer prone causes them to fall 10 squares downward to the ground. Piloted flying vehicles, such as vertibirds, set their speed to 0 and must make pilot checks or lose control of their vehicles.

-Power Strike now allows you to suffer -1 accuracy penalty in exchange for +1 power rating of damage for melee attacks. Each additional rank of the perk doubles, or triples, the accuracy penalty and damage.

-Pistol Whips and Rifle Butts have received +5 base damage. The bonus damage from having a rifle bayonet has decreased to +5 (which will result in the same total for rifle bayonet damage).

-The example vehicles in the Core Rulebook have been made substantially more durable.

-Removed many references to the old version, such as references to multiple d6 or mutual survivor systems.

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