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StarCraft Supplement 4: Monsters of Koprulu, now avalible!

A long last it is finished! StarCraft Supplement 4: Monsters of Koprulu, is now available for everyone at!

This massive resource contains everything zerg and monster related in the Koprulu Sector. Almost 300 pages in length, it is the largest supplement we have every put out. Now it is here for you!

Just a preview of the contents:

-Chapter 1 previews the new and improved primal zerg rules, completely revamped from the Advanced Race Guide. The new rules focus more on special traits that passive benefit and allow to you ‘steal’ evolutions from enemies as primal zerg should! The 3rd incarnation of the primal zerg system, this one is by far the best and is both fun and background accurate. Included in this chapter is the primal zerg racial package, evolutions, genetic quirks, archetypes, weapons, armor, evolution powers, and, of course, backstory. Thanks to Grymrock for the playtesting he put into this!

*With their official release, Primals have been removed from the Advanced Race Guide.

-Chapter 2 contains new infested options to build infested terran playable characters in all new ways! Big thanks to Xhupi for all the work he did for this resource! Included with are plenty of new directives, mutations, and natural weapons. Many of the evolutions go specifically with the directives, allowing you to focus infested characters like never before!

-Chapter 3 is about running a campaign with playable zerg. The resource talks about the philosophy behind a zerg campaign and the nature of zerg characters. It also covers new mechanics such as dealing with command strain zerg and summoning new minions to serve you on your exploits. The section has with new talents and information how several non-combat evolution powers can play into your campaign. Finally, the chapter has a section detailing how to infest terran vehicles and several example infested vehicles for you to introduce in your campaigns.

-Chapter 4 is all about the swarm and the monsters that comprise it. It contains variant creature abilities, new natural weapons, and new evolution powers. The bulk of the chapter is many new zerg breeds to include in your games of StarCraft. Included with are zerg variants such as the raptor zergling, hunter killer hydralisks, and torrasque ultralisks as well as new creatures such as symbiotes and impalers. This section also contains brand new zerg breeds that were conceptualized and illustrated by artists and used with permission. This includes the Bane Creeper and the Barralisk. You can find more of their work at the

links provided within this resource.

After discussion of pure zerg, the Chapter goes on to discuss infested. Many new generic infested are listed, as well as advanced infested who were created with a directive. Finally, the chapter closes with premade infested vehicle statistics and infested military structures, such as the bunkerlisk.

-Chapter 5 puts all the new primal zerg rules to the test generating plentiful example primal zerg to include in your campaigns, from the weak Lesser Primalisk to the unstoppable Tyrannazor. As always, every primal zerg is listed with a lore and tactics entry.

-Chapter 6 fills the StarCraft universe with wildlife and indigenous species. This section details a variety of generic statistics blocks that can be modified at will to represent any creature you want it to be! You want there to be creepy bugs lingering in a cave? Use the Giant Crawler statistics. You want your players to be attacked by a 20 meter snake? Pick the Primordial Serpent! A giant man-eating bear? The Dire Predator! Each of these statistics blocks is accompanied by an example creature so you can have inspiration about what to make out of them!

-Chapter 7 is the final chapter that covers additional rules. The most important part of this chapter is the Open NPC Creation rules, that allows you to make NPCs quickly and with little effort. The chapter also has expanded swarm rules from what appeared in Supplement 1.

Accompanying the swarm rules are a dozen example swarms, from marine platoon to baneling swarms to a dreaded flock of mutalisks!

This resource has undergone more editing and internal testing than is usual for our supplements (thanks to Grymrock for that!). As always, however, I count on the community to help me point out any editing errors or balance concerns that you find in your reading. Make sure to post in problems in the relevant discord channels.

This is a exciting release and I can’t wait for everyone to be able to read it! I’d love to hear from you all on discord! The next project is the Halo Core Rulebooks so everyone should start thinking of ideas for that. We are going to have a lot of polls coming on the patreon soon, so be aware if you are a patreon backer!

Thank you everyone! Game on!

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