StarCraft Update 8/17/2018

It’s been a couple of months since we’ve done an update, so I had quite a few changes piled up waiting to be done. I want to thank my play testers and the discord community for their feedback, as well as my patreon backers for their support.

This month focuses on new content, revisions to piloting, and revisions to psionics. There are also some balance fixes.

Miscellaneous Changes

*Major* Added new explanatory text in the Core Rulebook relating to skills and how they function. Included in this information is how purchasing skills works, and retroactive skill gain for increased intelligence. In addition, there is a new chart for easy skill DC tables.

-Fixed countless errors in the Monsters of Koprulu. Thanks to everyone that pointed them out!

-Added two new specializations to the Advanced Terran Training Manual, the Gunslinger and Unarmed Combat Expert.

-Added a new talent to the Advanced Terran Training Manual, Pistolier.

-Added three new talents to the Core Rulebook: Two-handed Expert, Brutality I-III, and Mighty Blow I-V.

-Added two new talents to the Protoss supplement, Channeled Strength and Righteous Fury

-Added a new talent to Monsters of Koprulu, Limb Infusion.

-Gauss u-238 rounds now have 6 penetration, but cost 10 credits apiece

-Adamantine Shells now have 4 penetration

-Shotgun Slugs now have their rules described directly in the ammunition description. They now gain +5 damage, +2 penetration, and +2 range

-Knife Master II and Pistol Finesse II no longer grant Hailfire 1 with those weapons. Instead, they grant +3 penetration and damage with the related weapons.

-Rifle Butt and Pistol Whip attacks gained +5 base damage. Previously, there was no reason to use them over unarmed attacks. The bonus for rifle bayonets decreased from +10 to +5. Therefore, with the change to rifle butt damage, bayonets have stayed the same in damage.

Piloting Changes

*Major* Pilot combat augmentations have been removed. They were underwhelming, boring, and not very representative of piloting skill.

*Major* Replacing pilot combat augmentations, the game now has a new system called pilot maneuvers. Pilot maneuvers give special methods of controlling vehicles, including effecting speed, turning, and accuracy. Pilot maneuvers require a pilot skill test, and a minimum number of ranks in Pilot to pull off at all. Pilot maneuvers are discussed in the Skills section, but fully explained in the Pilot Maneuvers section of Chapter 8 in the Core Rulebook.

*Major* Almost every vehicle weapon in the game has gained increased range. Most weapons increased by 1 range increment. Note that not every weapon increased in range; just most of them. Some weapons, such as the corsair’s neutron blaster, increased by 2.

-The Advanced Sensors vehicle perk has been increased to a range of 120 squares, up from 40 squares. This is to make it more viable at vehicle scale. Some specialists, such as the raven, has had theirs increased even more.

-Clarified in all the premade vehicles statistics that a target lock does not require a pilot skill check. This is an old rule that has no been updated in the stat blocks.

-The Master Navigator advanced specialization has been changed to coordinate with the new pilot maneuvers system. Master Navigator now gives advantage on all pilot maneuver checks and ignores facing when making attacks. It still only applies to gargantuan or smaller vehicles.

-The Aiur Elite Pilot ability, Vehicle Expertise, has been changed for the removal of pilot combat augment