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StarCraft Explorer's Guide to the Sector now Available!

The StarCraft Explorer’s Guide to the Sector is now available! This StarCraft resource reveals the bonus content that patreon subscribers have benefited from for the past year. Within is additional content for terrans, protoss, and zerg.

If you like what you see here, please sign up on our patreon at At the 10$ backer level, you will regularly receive content every month to enhance your experience with Leovaunt Game Design. If you can’t support us, no problem. Everyone will gain access to 12 months’ worth of content for free at the end of every year.

This supplement includes plenty of content, including:

-In-depth rules for exploration and survival in hostile environments

-New protoss content including renowned class and class variants, allowing you to customize protoss characters like never before

-A new terran background, as well as specializations, equipment, and talents; all focused around one of the many wayward terran factions.

-New infested terran directives and mutations

-Dozens of new example statistics, fleshing out the NPCs that belong to the many different protoss tribes or terran governments. These NPCs will help flesh out including alternate tribes or governments in your campaigns, and the NPCs are organized by what faction they belong to.

-Narration throughout the supplement in the form of the journal logs of Alvagon, a nerazim explorer who set out to catalogue and understand the sector.

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