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StarCraft Update 3/25/2019

Another StarCraft update today, covering a wide variety of issues, but mostly focused on powers and vehicles.

General Issues

-Major read through and overhaul of the entire Constructs chapter. There were too many changes to mention, mostly fixes, clarifications, and added consistencies. However, there is now a new section called Vehicle Order of Operations, that determines the order actions must take place when piloting a vehicle. See it on the bottom of the first page of Chapter 8 in the Core Rulebook (page 201)

-The Sneaking and Cloaking rules had a number of inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the Core Rulebook. All of the sections in the Encounter Rules chapter regarding the hidden condition, cloaking condition, and spotter and detector actions have been overhauled.

- The Science skill has been updated, removing old terminology, and giving rules for restoring crippling wounds to constructs.

-Falling speed has been increased to 30 squares per round, up to 6.

-Specified that infested terrans can use terran weapons and items but cannot use worn items or terran armor. The infested bio-engineer and infested agent of the swarm can now use terran armor, however.

-The Recoil trait now properly says that it is countered by the character wearing powered armor.

-The Firebat lost their Resilience talent in exchange for the Powered Armor Training talent.

-The Corrosive Bile mortar attack of the Ravager has been vastly improved and made a more effective anti-structure/fortification/vehicle weapon. It now has automatically high accuracy, deals 120 damage, and has 60 penetration. However, it is much easier to Evade now, no longer requiring the Dodge talent and giving advantage on the acrobatics test.

-The Glaive Wurm attack of the Mutalisk now has Scaling Penetration (heavy). The Vicious Glaive variant of the mutalisk in Supplement 4 now has +20 penetration.

Psionic Powers and Evolution Powers

-The Feedback psionic power has been completely reworked to be simpler. Instead of requiring the target make a psionic check, it causes a flat amount of energy fatigue and damage based on how much energy fatigue was caused.

-The following psionic powers have all received +20 base damage: Mind Blast, Mind Ripple, and Mind Overload.

-Corrected that Psionic Potential I is gained at level 18 for Infested terrans

-The Primal version of Bio-electric Surge has been changed; its paragon level now gives the power +20 accuracy and +10 penetration.

-The Primal version of Dark Swarm has been overhauled for primal zerg not having a telepathic link

-The Soul Steal ability of Elite Commander now recovers 2 energy fatigue instead of equal to the dead target’s level.

-The Tal’darim sorcerer mastery now gives extra damage for offensive psionic powers, increasing to +5/10/15 from 2/5/8


-Updated that protoss cybernetic walkers gain healing based on psionic or morale-based sources.

-The Railgun and Eviscerator Railgun gained double penetration

-The scout’s photon blaster now deals 30 damage with a power rating of +5

-The phoenix’s Ion Cannon weapon gained +5 penetration.

-The Corsair’s Neutron Flare weapon gain +2 accuracy and +2 burst area

-The Particle Disruptor weapon of the Stalker now has a flat 15 penetration

-The Terran Burst Cannon weapon increased to 40 damage, a power rating of +5, and Penetration (15).

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