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StarCraft Update 8/23/2019

A big series of updates were pushed out today to go alongside Supplement 5! Check it out!


The Advanced Race Guide and Game Master's Screen are no longer available. They are both out of date and no longer necessary.


*Major* Protoss players and enemies are now high threat entities. This means player protoss count as two characters for splitting experience. Therefore, a party of 2 terrans and 2 protoss would split experience 6 ways. In the meantime, fighting 3 zealots in an encounter would be worth 6 encounter points instead of 3. Protoss are quite powerful, between their shields and their psionics, should not be the same threat level as other races.

*Major* Almost every protoss item, across all the supplements, has had its honor costs changed. For the most part, the costs have gone 25-70%.

-Substantial Changes to the Legion-of-One renowned class

-You can now only use up to 50 nanobots at a time for Sacrifical Pulse and Nanobot Onslaught

-Sacrificial pulse has half the area (1 per 10 nanobots) and deals 2 EMP damage per nanobot.

-The Destroyer servitor has had its damage reduced from 40 to 25.


-Cleaned up a lot of discrepancies with talents and other issues in the Core Rulebook. Thanks to Zandmar with his help in that!

-The Excellent Spirits talent has been added back into the game, in the Core Rulebook. The talent gives +1 starting morale level and +1 morale bonus.

-The Universal Knowledge talent now gives +4 to assisted skill checks of all kinds, instead of +2

-Clarified that a melee charge with the Mighty Blow talent should give +5 damage base


-The Commodore master specialization now gives temporary hit points equal to the vehicle’s fortitude, instead of the character’s attributes

-Prodigy master specialization now specifies that Technological Savant reduces the time to take to perform a medicine or computer check that takes longer than 1 full-round action.

-Power Man master specialization now gives advantage with melee attacks

-Raging Psychic Spectre Drawback no longer causes rolls on the overload table, instead deals 8xPL psionic damage to the caster

-By popular demand, the Predator robot from the Wings of Liberty campaign has been added to the Advanced Terran Training Manual.

-Tier 3 Bio-Mechanical Nanites use up a healing threshold every round that they cure crippling wounds.

-In Explorer’s Guide to the Sector, there is now the Concealable item trait in the listings. The Shadowguard Armor gains the Concealable trait.


Numerous Changes to powers in Supplement 3, both Energy and Temporal powers:

-Psionic Bolt: +5 damage, +2 accuracy

-Improved Psionic Bolt: +5 damage, +1 energy fatigue

-Life Drain is -3 damage instead

-Psionic Burst: -5 damage

-Improved Psionic Burst: +5 damage

-Energize Shields

-PL 4, power can effect adjacent ally

-PL 6, power can target at short range

-PL 7, can effect targets equal to 1/3 PL

-Psionic Missiles: +5 damage

-Shadow Barrage: 1 fewer missile, -5 damage

-Guardian Shield:

-Void Armor costs 15 to manifest and gains 7xPL shield points instead of 10

-Psionic Wave:

-Improved Psionic Wave: Instead of stun, targets must make a DC 15+PL endurance check or be staggered, costs +3 energy fatigue

-Psionic Discharge: reduced to 4xPL damage instead of 5xPL, power never jumps beyond short range

-Improved Psionic Discharge: +10 damage instead of stun, costs +3 energy fatigue

-Soul Eater: Caster heals 2xPL hit points per target hit

-Psionic Blast:

-Judicator’s Vengeance: Gains +4 accuracy instead of stun

-Chaos Orb only effects targets within 5 squares now

-Psionic Maelstrom: Target gets a chance to remove stun every time they take damage

-Phase Shift: Targets can make a DC 25 willpower check as a full-round action to end

-Stasis Field: Brought from 1 minute to 1 round per PL, once hit by stasis field, cannot be affected again for 1 hour

NPC Changes

*Major* Monster of a considerable threat level have not been very challenging, because they have had a hard time hitting players. This led creatures, especially huge-colossal creatures, MUCH easier than they were supposed to be. Therefore, we are enacting a change to increases natural weapon accuracy based on what size the natural weapons is. Large weapons will gain +4 accuracy, huge weapons will gain +8 accuracy, gargantuan +16, colossal +32, and massive +64. The accuracy bonus is equal to the monster’s bonus to toughness from its size.

This will only effect natural weapons with an increased size and will not affect the following: special abilities, psionic and evolution powers, and mounted ordinance weapons which aren’t based on size (think ranged robot and vehicle weapons). Primal zerg are also affected by this change, giving a substantial buff to larger and higher threat primal zerg. They also receive the special benefit of gaining the accuracy bonus on size to their tail attacks.

-Archons now gain shield armor equal to twice intelligence

-The Parasite Spore zerg natural weapon (used by corrupters and swarm guardians) now has penetration 40 instead of piercing

Primal Zerg Changes

-Clarified that the Living Cannon archetype for primal zerg has an agility equal to the instinct score that it is given, for determining strikes.

-The Tail evolution now gains bonus accuracy based on the creature’s size, using the new rules (see above). It still does not gain bonus damage based on size.

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