StarCraft Update 10/23/2019

I have a pretty massive update for everyone today, everything mostly focused on game balance. We’ve been getting a lot more playtest recently with high level characters, and there has been a lot of edits reported by the public discord crowd. All of you, thank you for what you do.

General Changes

-Reworked the Cone (X) weapon trait, to make it more clear the exact dimensions of a cone

-New special rule under the Acrobatics skill: flying creatures can use acrobatics instead of pilot for all pilot checks

-New special rule under the pilot skill: piloted vehicles and robots with vehicle locomotion can make pilot checks to replace athletics, acrobatics, strength, or agility checks.

-Removed Reference on page 22 (CRB) that Instinct is used for Tactics

-Changed the ‘Addiction’ section of chemicals to more accurately resemble the addiction rules in the respective chemical entry.

-Page 249, removed reference of Chemical Threshold under the Cybernetic Organ description

Terran Changes

-Master Gymnast used to give unlimited evasion attempts. Now it gives +1 per round

-Legendary Gymnast no longer causes all attacks against you to suffer disadvantage. Instead, you reduce all hailfire of attacks against you by 1 and missed attacks only gain half penetration.

-Shotgun Hitman specialization in Dominion Intel Briefing now gives +4 accuracy when used with shotgun spread.

-The Special Forces master specialization has changed:

-Now, you apply the modifier to reduce ammo expenditure after all multipliers to ammo spent

-The tactics benefit that allows you to activate all tactics is capped at the DC 15 benefit if you activate all tactics, or the DC 20 benefit if you have master tactician talent.

-The first ability of Icon of Mankind has changed. Instead of gaining a free morale point when rallying, Inspirational Rally allows your followers to use your morale bonus instead of their own when you are using a leadership combat augmentation on them.

-The Upgraded Turret talent in Supplement 2 has been changed. Now it, it always makes the base gun the automatic variant (Heavy Gauss Rifle or Gauss Cannon), but also has an underslung version of a heavy weapon (Flamethrower or Rocket Launcher) that has a limited number of shots per day.

-The Shotgun Spread talent no longer gives Hailfire when used. It’s previous Hailfire invalidated other cone weapons, namely flamethrowers. Instead, it is a Cone (6) at rank 1 and Cone (10) at rank 2.

Protoss and Zerg Changes

-The Subterranean Spike primal zerg evolution now requires a full-round action to use. It now specifies that it uses melee skill and talents, not that it is used as a substitute for a melee attack.

-The Robotic Domination ability of the Aiur Artificer (SUP 3, PG 39) now specifies it does not affect targets over gargantuan sized.


-Combat Stimulants have been changed. They now only last 5 rounds, cause the loss of 1 healing threshold per 3 potency, and cause you to use thrice as much ammo when you gain Hailfire 2 from stims.

-Directorate Boarding Saw lost Hailfire (2) but gain +11 base damage and +4 rending.

-Specified under equipment tiers, PG 93, that tier 3 items cannot generally be purchased unless their base cost is 1,000 or less.

-Under the Regenerative Nanobots cybernetic upgrade (page 250), remove the section that the nanobots reduce the effectiveness of toxins and chemicals. Instead, it gives +2 to Endurance checks against poison.

-The Ripper Claws Cybernetic Upgrade (CRB, Page 251) gained +2 damage, +1 accuracy, and the Unarmed weapon trait.

-The servo claw cybernetic upgrade (CRB, page 251) gained the unarmed weapon trait and improved to average attack speed