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February Newsletter and Bonus Content now Available!

The title says it all! This month's patreon content is now up for grabs! Check it out at!

This month’s StarCraft bonus content contains new options for all protoss but is especially focused on the Nerazim. This resource contains two new renown classes for dark templar; the shadow master and the astral mystic.

In addition, we are introducing a new mechanic for protoss known as the Class Variant. Class Variants are modifications of the generic benefits of base classes to encourage alternate builds of protoss characters. For example, this resource provides two class variants: the hunter, a variation of the psychic warrior that loses their heavy armor and dual-wielding proficiency for the ability to duel large creatures and make powerful heavy strikes; and the shaman, a variation of the scholar that gives up the benefits of chronicles to make employ blessings that give powerful benefits for a short duration.

Also included are three new suits of protoss armor and a new weapon. The Warp Disk was first unveiled in the StarCraft Evolution novel, and now can be yielded by your nerazim warriors today!

This month’s newsletter talks about upcoming changes and content across all of the Leovaunt Game Design systems.

We start with the major upheaval that the Fallout RPG is going to undertake, and the motivations behind the colossal redo.

Afterwards, we will discuss the next major supplement for StarCraft, Monsters of Koprulu. Within, we will get you prepared for what to expect out of that resource.

We talk about how the experience rewarding system is going to change for StarCraft.

Finally, we talk about the Halo RPG, including the differences between all the races, the command and leadership systems, and how the game is going to be released.

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