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StarCraft Update 5/8/2018

We have a new update available for all StarCraft supplements, focusing on game balance changes.

Core Game

*Major* The overclock mechanic for robots has, finally, been removed. It was a holdover from the original game that was barely looked at or touched on. It was such a hassle to deal with for random NPCs that I myself rarely bothered to use it. Therefore, it has been removed, as have the different ‘robot parameters’. Now, most of the old overclock options are available as simple creature abilities for robot creatures. You can see all the changes in the Core Rulebook and Supplement 3. All robot statistics have been reworked in accordance.

*Major* The talent Power Strike has been completely reworked. The design principle was to make power strike more viable to higher damage weapons, rather than simply being the province of fast weapons. In addition, power strike has new mechanics to help slow weapons overcome high defense foes.

*When power striking, you gain a penalty to accuracy equal to -1, minus an additional 1 per 4 points of melee skill. You gain bonus power ratings to damage equal to the attack penalty

*Power Strike gives you bonus accuracy when heavy striking equal to ½ strength

*Power Strike II gives you 2 power ratings of damage per accuracy

*Power Strike II also gives you bonus accuracy when heavy striking equal to strength

-Item Creation System in Advanced Terran Training Manual:

*Work benches give reduced benefit based on tier. Tier 2 gives a +2 bonus to crafting and Tier 3 gives a +4 bonus.

*Crafting tier 3 items properly lists the DC as +12.

*These changes balance the system, making it harder and a larger investment to create high tier items. Having a good workstation is no longer a substitute for science skill. Now, both are needed to make the best items.

*There is now a section on page 136 detailing gaining crafting components. This section has rules for buying components and disassembling items. This was intended to exist previously but was accidently omitted.

*The Dead Man’s Rock background ability ‘Scrounger’ has been updated. It allows you to disassemble items without a work station and gives +2 to science checks for item creation.

-There is a new sidebar under the crippling wound sections, giving a variant rule to let enemies suffer +10 damage per crippling wound point rather than keeping track of every wound.

-Many pyromancy powers have been changed. Instead of stunning or staggering targets, they cause the Burning condition to gain additional penetration. In addition, the conflagration power causes the Slow condition

-Clarified the Rapid Flight rule and the Fury creature types usage of Rapid Flight. Gaining Rapid Flight from Fury now gives 15+ agility acceleration rating. Airborne native increases this to 15+ 3x agility.


*Major* Psychic terrans will now start at higher PL based on their psychic power level. Advanced Telepaths start with PL 2, and telekinetics start at PL 3.

-The Ultra-Specialization for Leader/Military Commander has been changed once again. The ultra specialization now gives you +1 morale point to distribute on a successful rally, and temporary hit points are cumulative for multiple morale points given to a single target.

-The Ultra-Specializations for Skirmisher/Insurgent has been changed. Now it allows the skirmisher benefit of retaining cover bonus to defense increase from 2 to 4


*Major* Zerg now have the new Evolved Ferocity trait, giving them bonus natural weapon damage and penetration equal to 2+ 1/3 level. This is to help zerg be more dangerous across all player levels. Playable zerg do not get this benefit.

*Major* All zerg natural armor’s have received +4 damage resistance base. Resistance rating is unchanged. This is also to make zerg more survivable, so they are more worth their threat level.

-The Zerg Fury infested terran mutation now gives equal amounts of damage and penetration with all zerg natural weapon attacks.

-While playable infested terran are unchanged, basic infested terran minions no longer use the mutation system. Instead, they simply have a selection of mutations base, that scales based on level, and they gain access to the new Evolved Ferocity.

-The Zerg mutalisk has been reworked. It now possess Zerg Skill Focus (speed) instead of (corrosive). This allows it to keep up with vehicles more effectively and be better in starship combat, while preventing its damage from being quite so overwhelming with the new zerg ferocity mechanic.


-Nerazim Psychic Master’s Extermination ability no longer refers to the now-defunct bonus accuracy from Dark Templar mastery

-The Tal’darim Fateweaver’s Bewitch ability applies Command for 1 round instead of Compulsion. For balance reasons, only the primary target is effected by Command.

-The Tal’darim Vanguard’s Scatter Cannon has had its damage increased to 20 (+4) with Penetration (10). It simply was not powerful enough for an extreme threat vehicle’s sole weapon, even for one with an anti-personnel attack.

-The Tal’darim Elite Psychic Master’s Vile Touch ability only deals 1 negative morale instead of 2

-In the Advanced Race Guide, using a solarite crystal in a wisdom socket has changed. Now, instead of giving +4 to the manifestation check, it gives -4.

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